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At Liberis,we offer an award-winning alternative to traditional business loans: a Business Cash Advance. Our customers use us to access the funds they need in advance and pay us when they get paid - with payments taken via an agreed % of their customers' credit and debit card takings.

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What are small business loans?

Small business loans are one way in which SMEs can secure the financial support they need. These are cash loans much like a personal loan, except they are tailored specifically for covering business expenses like wages, stock or rent. With a small business loan, SMEs can borrow money at fixed interest rates and monthly payments for the duration of the loan period.

A small business loan won’t suit everyone, however. Some SMEs might be seasonal businesses, which means some months are busier than others. During quieter months, business owners can find it hard to meet their fixed repayment amount. There are also late fees, lengthy application processes, high APR and other charges with business loans that can cause unnecessary stress when trying to grow a business

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Is a small business loan right for you?

For small businesses, securing finance can prove to be a frustrating, time-consuming and tough ordeal – especially when looking towards traditional sources of funding. One concern that many business owners encounter is the time it takes to obtain the necessary funding from a bank. 

In May 2017, secured bank lender Borro revealed slow bank lending was restricting the growth of small businesses. That situation isn’t improving either. Bridging Trends data for 2018 found the average bridging completion time for UK loans was 45 days, up from 43 days in 2017. 

As bridging loans are meant to be short-term funding solutions to “bridge” gaps in cash flow or debt, waiting more than 6 weeks for a small business loan simply isn’t practical for many SMEs.

It can be difficult to obtain traditional bank funding if your business has a less-than-ideal credit score too. Not only is any application subject to a stringent credit check, but a small business with a low credit score will have to pay high interest rates – if the application is accepted in the first place. No business can afford such uncertainty, which is why Liberis provides an alternative solution.

Small business loan alternative from Liberis

A study by commercial data firm Dun & Bradstreet found that two-thirds (67%) of SMEs stated that availability of finance has had a major impact on their success. Banks are no longer the first port of call for a lot of business owners either. Only 42% of UK SMEs reported receiving small business funding from banks in 2018, which compares to well over half (58%) in previous years.

With business owners now looking for alternative small business loan solutions, Liberis offers the Business Cash Advance. It is a form of unsecured small business funding that is designed to help you secure the finance you need – while never putting your home at risk. From day-to-day business costs or supporting growth plans, our Business Cash Advance is tailor-made for SMEs. 

Why choose Liberis for a small business loan alternative?

One major benefit of our Business Cash Advance being a form of unsecured business finance is that you’ll never have to risk your home when you apply. But that’s not the only reason to turn to us if you’re in need of a small business funding solution.

We understand how seasonality can impact the monthly income of smaller businesses. This can cause the cashflow of some SMEs to be tighter than others. As payments to Liberis are based on a percentage of your monthly card takings, the amount that you’ll pay us each month depends on how much you earn – never leaving you short of cash.

Other reasons why our cash advance system is a great finance option for SMEs are:

  • One clear cost which never changes
  • Get a tailored quote online without impacting your credit score
  • You keep 100% of your cash income
  • No fixed repayment schedules
  • No late payments and no late payment charges payments to Liberis mirror your cash flow
  • No hidden fees or penalties

Why do I need a small business loan or funding?

You can use small business funding from Liberis for any purpose related to your business:

  • Purchase and/or replace stock 
  • Refurbish existing premises or relocate
  • Make VAT or bill payments 
  • Expand and grow your business  operations
  • Cover dips in cash flow 
  • Buy or upgrade equipment and machinery
  • Upgrade and/or expand vehicle fleet
  • Invest in sales and marketing solutions
  • Hire new and train existing employees
  • Any other purpose your business may need funding for!

Can I apply for a small business loan alternative from Liberis?

Are you the owner of a small business that has been trading for at least 4 months? Do you take 5,000 or more in customer debit/credit card sales every month? If the answer to both these questions is “yes”, then you can apply for our Business Cash Advance!

It is a superb finance option for any SME that may be finding it tough to obtain a small business loan from a bank for whatever reason – particularly those smaller businesses who are operating on a seasonal basis.

How do I apply for the Liberis Business Cash Advance?

If our Business Cash Advance is the alternative to conventional small business loans that you’ve been waiting for, it couldn’t be easier to start your hassle-free application!

Ready to go? You can get a no obligation quote online by providing a few details about you and your business.

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