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Small business funding in the UK

"It remains the case that more SMEs (small to medium sized enterprises) perceive raising finance to be difficult rather than easy." – British Business Bank Investments (BBBI) 2016/17 Report on Small Business Finance.

It's true, raising business finance can be a difficult process; but with the right provider, it doesn’t have to be.
If you've been exploring more traditional routes to finance, such as bank loans or overdrafts, it's likely you've encountered considerable hurdles along the way. Banks typically ask for you to complete lengthy application processes which can take weeks - including your credit history, current cash flow and they will often ask for collateral. None of this guarantees you will be approved or receive your funding when you need it.

In 2007, Liberis recognised the need for a simple small business funding solution in the UK. The solution for this funding gap (estimated at £1bn) comes in the form of a Business Cash Advance; a means of funding focused on how your business is doing overall, rather than just your Credit History. The application process is uncomplicated and stress free: you can get an instant quote online, apply in 5 minutes and receive a decision in as little as 24 hours! And what’s more, we’re supported by the UK Government owned, British Business Bank.

How a Business Cash Advance works

We know that for seasonal small businesses like Hotels, Pubs and Salons, cash flow isn't always steady. That’s why, with a Business Cash Advance, you don’t ever have to worry about fixed monthly payments. You’ll also never be charged for any late fees, APR or hidden costs; instead, you only pay us back as your customers pay you. Repayments are taken automatically through a fixed % of your monthly customer card takings, so our customers often don’t even notice the impact on their finances.

Why a Business Cash Advance is ideal for small businesses

Our Business Cash Advance is a simple product, responsibly delivered by specialists who are committed to Treating Our Customers Right.

Liberis offers funding built for small businesses:

  • Our accept rates are high – over 70% of customers get approved
  • We can advance you £2.5k to £300k to be used for whatever you need
  • If you change your mind within 14 days of funding, you can hand the money back without incurring any cost
  • You’ll never have to pay any late fees, APR or other hidden costs
  • It’s unsecured finance, so your home is never at risk!

Are you qualified?

No matter what your business needs funding for, we’re happy to help. As long as you take at least £2.5K in customer card takings per month and have been in business for 4+ months, then you’ll be qualified for a Liberis Business Cash Advance!

The Liberis Business Cash Advance - Designed to help SMEs
  • Funding from £2.5k to £300k
  • One fixed cost; no APR, varying terms or penalty fees
  • A quick, easy and no hassle onboarding process
  • Higher approval rates than the banks
  • Flexible and painless repayments that support cash flow
  • 80% of customers use us again
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  • One fixed cost from as little at 9%
  • No APR or penalty fees
  • Get a fast decision online without impacting your credit score
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Liberis is a responsible financial provider. Liberis does not offer 'short-term loans'. The minimum expected duration of a Business Cash Advance is 120 days / 4 months and typical expected durations are 6-12 months. These business financing products are not consumer loans.