Short-term business loans

At Liberis,we offer an award-winning alternative to traditional business loans: a Business Cash Advance. Our customers use us to access the funds they need in advance and pay us when they get paid - with payments taken via an agreed % of their customers' credit and debit card takings.

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Short-term business loans

Looking to get financial support for your business? It’s not always easy to find the backing you need – especially if you have bad credit. But access to finance is critical for any small business, so short-term business loans can be an ideal way to get that much-needed cash injection.

The two most common reasons why small businesses sought funding in 2018 were to continue trading and cover short-term cashflow gaps, according to a report from our partner, the British Business Bank. But, only 43% of businesses think they’d be accepted if they applied for a loan.

At Liberis, we offer an alternative funding solution to traditional bank loans and business credit cards. Our Business Cash Advance is designed just for businesses – providing the finance you need that you pay us when you’re earning.

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Trusted provider

  • Provided over £400m in funding

  • Funded over 16k business across the globe

  • Alternative Lender of the Year winner for two years running at the Credit Awards

Flexible payments

  • Pay us as your customers pay you. Paymments are made automatically via a small percentage of your customer card transactions

  • One, agreed upon cost that never changes

  • No hidden fees or penalties.

Ongoing support

  • You know your business; we know finance - that's why we always listen carefully to offer you the best finance deals for your needs


  • 9/10 of our customers actively recommend us to others

What are short-term business loans?

A short-term business loan is designed specifically to provide businesses with the funding they need. From 3-month loans to 12-month loans, this type of financing can cover any immediate business funding requirement. It can also be used to support your growth plans too.

For seasonal businesses, a short-term loan can be especially helpful if you need to secure the funding but won’t be able to pay it back until the end of your trading period – for example, if you need stock for your summer beach-catering concession.

The amount you can borrow will depend on a few key factors: how well your business is doing, which lender you choose and the reason you need the loan.

But with the SME Alliance claiming that banks are “reluctant to lend” to small businesses, the need to give businesses a greater choice has never been clearer. That’s why more and more UK businesses are turning to Liberis’ Business Cash Advance.

As the flexible alternative to traditional bank loans and short-term business loans, our Business Cash Advance is simple to apply for. You also aren’t held down by any fixed monthly repayments – as you pay us when your customers pay you. 

Why should I choose Liberis Finance?

Liberis is here to offer simple, flexible access to short-term funding for small businesses across the UK. From gaps in cashflow to growth plans, our goal is to support your business needs; whatever they may be.  

Here are some of the reasons you can trust us:

  • We’ve provided more than 16,000 UK businesses with a Business Cash Advance
  • We’ve provided more than £400m in funding 9/10 customers would recommend us
  • We’re award-winning too – the Alternative Lender of the Year at the 2019 Credit Awards and Alternative Finance Provider of the Year at the 2018 British Small Business Awards

Why should I apply for a Liberis Business Cash Advance?

Unlike using a business credit card or traditional bank loan, a Business Cash Advance from Liberis can get you the funding you need – without the compromise. 

With as many as 90% of smaller businesses failing because of poor cashflow*, our funding solution is an easy and transparent way to get capital for your business to cover any expense. 

Here are a few reasons why a business cash advance could be the right short-term loan option for your business:

  • No minimum payment each month
  • No penalties, hidden fees or charges
  • Pay us in line with your cash flow, through a small, agreed % of your customers' credit and debit card takings

(*Source: Office of National Statistics)


Are there different types of short-term finance?

The British Business Bank found that many businesses “are not aware of financial products beyond standard term bank loans, overdrafts and credit cards,” however, there’s an increasing availability of short-term funding alternatives to conventional short-term loans now.

For business owners, it means a greater chance of finding the funding solution that’s an ideal match for unique situations. After all, there’s no one-size-fits-all loan for small businesses.

Our Business Cash Advance is a short-term funding solution for businesses who take card payments. Unlike a term loan that works like a personal loan, you won’t have to repay a set amount each month with us.

While a short term loan can be beneficial for certain businesses planning large up-front purchases or investments, the rate of interest and monthly repayments could also be difficult to manage. If you encounter problems paying back what you owe, you might incur fees too. There’s no risk of that with the Liberis Business Cash Advance, however.

How does the Business Cash Advance work?

With the Business Cash Advance, you’ll receive a lump sum upfront to cover your short-term funding needs. The cost of your finance will be agreed at the start too because it’s based on bringing forward future debit and credit card sales. You pay back the total cost of your finance through a small, pre-agreed percentage of your card sales. For many businesses, this is a much more flexible solution. Not having a fixed repayment each month means no late/missed payment fees and no expensive interest charges either. This is a real benefit if you’re a seasonal business and cashflow is weaker during quieter months.

Key features of the Business Cash Advance:

  • Payments to Liberis are made as a % of your customers' credit and debit card transactions, so you only pay back as you earn
  • Keep 100% of your cash income
  • No hidden fees, charges or penalties

What can I use a short-term business loan for?

Our research has found that most small businesses see short-term business loans as a superb way to grow and reach new targets. For others, though, it can be a precious lifeline – almost a quarter (25%) of businesses need funding to maintain business as usual. 

Whatever you need short-term business funding for, the Liberis Business Cash Advance can be the helping hand you want it to be. And because it’s a cash injection for your business that you get as a lump sum, you decide how you choose to invest it.

It can ensure you’re equipped to cover any cashflow problems you’re having due to late invoice payments. Or allow you to expand and take on new staff. Maybe you’re looking to invest in new marketing materials? Or do you need new equipment or to give your premises a fresh look? Whatever your business funding needs, the Business Cash Advance is here to help.

Is my business eligible for a Liberis Business Cash Advance?

Any business that’s been trading for at least 4 months and takes at least £5k worth of customer debit and credit card transactions each month could be accepted for a Business Cash Advance.

Can I get a short-term loan or advance with bad credit?

In many situations, you can get a short-term loan or cash advance for your business with bad credit. Having a less-than-perfect credit history won’t make or break your application. Here at Liberis, we’ll assess if a Business Cash Advance is right for you based on your own business potential – not just your credit history.

How do I apply for the Liberis Business Cash Advance?

Bank loans proving too difficult and time-consuming to apply for? Business credit cards not the right solution for your business? Need a flexible funding solution that covers your short-term cashflow needs and gives you the freedom to focus on what you do best?

The Liberis Business Cash Advance is the ideal solution for business owners who answer “yes” to any – or all – those questions. We have a proven track record in providing businesses right across the UK with bespoke funding solutions that are yours to use as you see fit.

Cashflow concerns and low levels of capital shouldn’t stand in the way of your business – from tiding over to growing further. And we’re here to help you look to the future with confidence. By providing us with a few details about you and your business, we’ll give you a quote that’s unique to you – looking at your future business potential to tailor it to your own circumstances.

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