Revolving Credit Facility

Get the flexible funding for your business when you need it most – and only pay it back when your customers pay you.

No APR – just one fixed cost from as little as 9%

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Revolving credit facility

At the start of 2019, there were nearly 6 million small businesses in the UK – each one offering products and services that meet their customers’ specific needs. But what happens when small businesses have their own demands to satisfy – like getting much-needed financial support?

Knowing where to turn can make all the difference.

Our partner, the British Business Bank, has found that cashflow is a key worry. Revolving credit facilities can be a flexible solution to cover those short-term worries. But we also know that, all too often, the fear of rejection stops businesses applying – even if that fear is unjustified.

So, wouldn’t it be great if you could feel more confident about your chances of getting the help you need. At Liberis, that’s what we’re here to do. With more than 70% of applicants approved for our unique funding solution, turn to us today and discover how we can help.

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Fast & simple

  • Get a quick decision online without impacting your credit score

  • Receive your funding in as little as 24 hours

  • Once eligible, you can get funding again online or over the phone

Flexible payments

  • Funding from £2,500 to £300,000

  • One, agreed cost that never changes

  • Pay back as you earn through a small percentage of your customer card transactions

Ongoing support

  • We always listen carefully to offer you the best finance deals for your needs

  • 9/10 of our customers actively recommend us to others

  • Support available over the phone or on online chat from 9am-6pm, Monday - Friday. 

What is a revolving credit facility?

For business owners, revolving credit facilities can offer a flexible solution – helping to increase the capital available to you when it’s needed most. From paying bills to covering payroll or topping up stock levels, a revolving credit loan is like an on-demand stream of finance.

Two examples of revolving credit facilities are business credit cards and business lines of credit. Both let you spend what you need within the agreed limit. As you pay back what you owe (and any interest due), this credit is available to you once again.

While this flexibility can bring real benefits to smaller firms looking to access finance, there’s no guarantee it’ll fully meet your needs. The amount of credit that you’re given can rest on factors such as how you plan to use it, how well your business is doing and even your credit score.

This is why we believe businesses need a better choice. And we believe our Business Cash Advance is that better choice – the alternative to revolving credit limit loans that works for you. 

Why should I choose Liberis Finance?

At Liberis Finance, we’re here to help you get the finance you need for your small business: no worries, no hassle. With our innovative Business Cash Advance, more and more UK businesses now turn to us for flexible access to short-term funding that is quick and easy to apply for.

To keep things ticking over in the short term or grow in the long term, we’ll work with you to provide a funding option that best suits your needs in tougher times or good. We’re transforming how small business finance works – and here are some of our highlights already:

  • £400m funded to UK businesses
  • More than 12,000 businesses funded
  • 90% of our customers would actively recommend us
  • 80% of our customers can get funding again from us
  • Early renew your funding without needing to pay off your original advance in full
  • Easy online account management using myLiberis
  • Supported by the UK government for your peace of mind

“Whenever we need to refinance it’s quick, it’s easy. It’s all taken care of online and the cash transfer is quick. We personally don’t feel the repayments at all, which takes the sting out of borrowing.” – Liberis customer and Diva Pets owner Wayne Briscoe.

We’re proud of what we’ve achieved so far – so it makes us even more delighted to have been recognised for that too – named Alternative Lender of the Year at the 2018 & 2019 Credit Awards.

Revolving credit facility vs Business Cash Advance?

From covering cashflow challenges to investing in the future success of your business, revolving credit facilities can be an appealing option – particularly for smaller companies who need the short-term wriggle room for ad-hoc cost concerns.

Unlike a traditional bank loan, revolving credit facilities let a borrower repay and reborrow funds within the set limit and for as long as the agreement is in place. It means a business can borrow what it needs, when it needs – without applying over and over again.

While businesses can access funding from a revolving credit facility in leaner times and repay it in thriving times, you get the same funding flexibility from a Liberis Business Cash Advance too. And what makes our solution even more flexible for seasonal businesses considering a revolving credit facility is that you can get support without worrying about mounting interest costs.

If you carry an outstanding balance over on your revolving line of credit each month, you’ll face mounting interest costs for as long as its not repaid. But that’s not how it works with a Business Cash Advance – instead only paying the pre-agreed share of your monthly card takings.

No repayment schedules. No payments you can’t afford. And no creeping cost of borrowing.

And it’s not the only reason why a cash advance could prove more beneficial.

Need repeat funding for something? No problem – it’s easy with Liberis. You won’t even have to pay back your previous cash advance in full before you apply again. Thanks to our early renewal service, go online with myLiberis and join the 80% of our customers who come to us again.

Another key benefit of our cash advance is how the cost of your finance is based on bringing forward your future sales. If you apply for revolving credit, a lender only looks at your credit history and current performance of your business.  At Liberis, we look at your business performance, not just your credit history, which is why we approve over 70% of applications.

Should I apply for a Liberis Business Cash Advance?

For businesses that accept card payments and have short-term funding needs for any reason, the answer is “yes”. With figures suggesting that nine in 10 smaller businesses fail because of poor cashflow*, our solution is the easy and transparent way to secure extra working capital.

“It’s just such a simple system; whoever came up with it should be applauded,” says Liberis customer and Gibsons Nightclub owner, Carleton Leonard. “A percentage of whatever you take in card payments goes directly towards paying your debt – if you could even call it a debt.”

Here are some of the reasons why a Business Cash Advance could help you:

  • Funding available from £2.5k to £300k
  • No fixed minimum monthly repayment
  • No APR, expensive interest or penalties
  • Quick application and onboarding
  • 70%+ approval rate for businesses
  • Manage your account and renew funding online with myLiberis
  • Pay back in line with your cashflow only when customers pay you
  • Get a decision in as little as 24 hours

(*Source: Office of National Statistics)

If you end up needing more funding, no problem – more than 80% of eligible customers use the Business Cash Advance as a repeat funding source.

How does the Business Cash Advance work?

If you’re accepted, just like more than 70% of our applicants, you’ll receive your Business Cash Advance as an upfront lump sum. We’ll also agree the cost of your funding at the start too.

You’ll then repay the total cost of your finance through a small, pre-agreed percentage of your credit and debit card sales. And that’s it. If you have a quieter month than usual, you pay back less. Busy month? Then you’ll pay back more – always in line with your cashflow.

Got a new opportunity you want to take advantage of? Waiting on a payment that’s causing a blockage in your business finances? Don’t miss out or try to muddle through – Liberis lets you apply for repeat funding quickly and easily, often before you’ve paid down an original advance.

Using your online myLiberis account, applying for repeat funding couldn’t be simpler.

What can short-term funding be used for?

How you use a Business Cash Advance is entirely up to you – based exclusively on the needs of your business. From our own research, we know many small businesses see short-term funding as the best way to grow and hit new targets. But, for nearly a quarter of businesses, it can be the difference between keeping going or giving up.

No matter why you need it, the Business Cash Advance is the funding injection tailored to you. You can bridge gaps in cashflow, invest in equipment and training or buy more stock.

Can my business apply for a Liberis Business Cash Advance?

Has your business been trading for at least 4 months? Do you take at least £2.5k worth of card payments each month? If the answer to both questions is “yes”, you could be accepted.

We like to give the green light to as many businesses as we can – with over 70% of applicants accepted and more than £400m already funded to companies and sole traders nationwide.

Can I get revolving credit with bad credit?

Bad credit (or a less-than-perfect credit score) doesn’t have to stop you getting the funding you need. At Liberis, we decide applications based on future potential – not just past activities. And that’s why our approval rate is much higher than many traditional revolving credit lenders (we approved more than 70% of applicants).

How do I apply?

Are you going round in circles trying to get revolving credit for your business?

Are you still to find a flexible funding solution that covers your cashflow concerns?

Apply for the Liberis Business Cash Advance and become the latest in a long line of businesses across the UK that we’ve supported when they’ve needed it most.

Look to the future with confidence – and we’ll be there to help with our proven track record of supporting businesses just like yours.

To get started, simply give us a few details about you and your business. This lets us give you a completely unique quote based on your business situation and future potential.

It only takes 5 minutes and you could receive the funds the next working day.

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