Merchant Cash Advance

The funding you need, when you need it, paid back when your customers pay you. Pay back in line with your cash flow, through a percentage of your customers' credit and debit card takings. 

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Grow your UK business with a Merchant Cash Advance

At Liberis Finance, we understand how difficult it can be for SMEs to access finance from banks due to lengthy turnaround times and lack of security. That’s why our merchant cash advance product, called a Liberis Business Cash Advance, is an ideal solution. It only takes 5 minutes to apply and we can get back to you with a decision in just 24 hours. Because our advance is Unsecured, your home won’t be at risk. 

So, what is a merchant cash advance? It's an injection of £2.5K to £300K into your business, paid back via an agreed percentage of your monthly card takings. Repayments are automatic, and the application is Quick and hassle-free, meaning you don’t have to waste valuable hours setting things up. If you take £2.5K in monthly card takings, and you’ve been in business for at least four months, a merchant cash advance can help you achieve success.

While a merchant cash advance is suitable for most businesses, it's particularly beneficial for those in seasonal industries, like PubsRestaurants and Hotels. This is because your repayments literally mirror your cashflow.  

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Fast & simple

  • Get a quick decision online without impacting your credit score

  • Receive your funding in as little as 24 hours

  • Once eligible, you can get funding again online or over the phone

Flexible payments

  • Funding from £2,500 to £300,000

  • One, agreed cost that never changes

  • Pay back as you earn through a small percentage of your customer card transactions

Ongoing support

  • We always listen carefully to offer you the best finance deals for your needs

  • 9/10 of our customers actively recommend us to others

  • Support available over the phone or on online chat from 9am-6pm, Monday - Friday. 

Why a merchant cash advance is a smart alternative

Merchant cash advances are an appealing alternative to regular business loans. For starters, repayments fluctuate directly with your income, meaning you won't have a nasty lump sum to pay at the end of the month. In addition, there is one fixed cost agreed upon at the time of funding, which never changes. We don't believe in hidden fees, costs and APR, and are upfront about the total cost of your cash advance before you sign the paperwork.  

If you choose to grow your business with a you will receive a number of benefits, including that: 

  • There are no monthly penalties, because there's no such thing as a late payment
  • You can apply online in under five minutes (or call a friendly member of our team and do it over the phone)
  • We offer flexible repayment terms depending on card payments
  • 70% of applications are approved
  • 75% of customers renew with us
  • We are supported by the UK Government

Our customers matter

Here at Liberis, we’re committed to providing our customers with friendly, helpful support. It’s important to us that your experience is stress free and that all your requirements are addressed.  

Looking to get things set up as quickly as possible? You can Apply Online in under five minutes! Or maybe you'd prefer to speak to someone through every step of your journey? Call Us today and ask us anything you want.

How a Merchant Cash Advance works

With a Merchant Cash Advance, you make paymemts to Liberis through a small, pre-agreed % of your customers' credit and debit card takings. That means that you only pay back as you're earning. What's more, there's never such thing as a late fee, and you get  to keep 100% of your cash income. 

You can get a quote and decision online today - all without impacting your credit score! It only takes 5 minutes, and once you apply, you could recieve funding in as little as 24 hours!

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