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Accessing finance

Back To Basics: 5 Tips for Securing Small Business Funding

10 August 2018
4 minute read

Nowadays, it’s important to not only secure funding but also to make sure you’re securing the right kind of funding. To do this you’ll need to consider a range of factors and do your research so that you can secure the best option for your business!


The UK Interest Rate Increase: What does this mean for Liberis?

07 August 2018
2 minute read

Liberis’ prices will not be changing with interest rate increase. We are always trying to add value for our customers and that goes for the small businesses we fund - both existing and new - as well as any brokers or affiliates that we work with.

Sage Pay Business Finance


Liberis provides £1million funding to UK SMEs through Sage Pay Business Finance

06 August 2018
2 minute read

Sage Pay Business Finance allows businesses to receive finance as an advance of their future credit and debit card sales, with advances ranging between £2,500 and £300,000. A result of the partnership between Liberis and Sage Pay, it has a 77% approval rating since its creation 14 months ago. It now provides vital finance to growing businesses, helping to support the wider UK economy.


Growing your business

5 Top Tips for your small business refurbishment

02 August 2018
6 minute read

Refurbishing or renovating your business can be an effective way to keep up with what your customers want as well as keeping your business feeling fresh! Here’s how to keep the process as simple and seamless as possible.

Growing your business

How To Master Offline and Online Promotion: Loyalty Schemes, Local Search and Content Creation

01 August 2018
5 minute read

As the world of business ventures deeper into the realm of the online, high-street retailers are increasingly faced with the conundrum of where to focus their marketing efforts. Whether to let go of their physical presence and dive into e-commerce and online marketing, or to remain static using solely offline innovation to maintain customer satisfaction.

Growing your business

Small Business Of The Month: The Golden Lion, Keswick

30 July 2018
2 minute read

This month’s Small Business of the Month goes to a true Liberis favourite: The Golden Lion in Keswick. The Golden Lion pub is owned by Simone Fellows - who we’ve been working with for about three years now, helping her find the funds to grow her business.

Growing your business

How To Gain Customer Insight For Your Business

23 July 2018
3 minute read

As a business owner, you’ll constantly be trying to tap into what your customers are thinking - by monitoring their habits, behaviour and activity - so that you can better determine not only what they want now, but what they’re likely to want in the future.

world cup score predictions


Beating The Bookies: World Cup Score Predictions by Liberis

13 July 2018
5 minute read

The FIFA World Cup final is almost upon us. And although England may be out, it looks like machine learning and statistical scores are in . . Liberis Data Scientist Ed Gent tells us how!

Growing your business

What Can Retailers Learn From The World Cup?

06 July 2018
3 minute read

Businesses have long been looking outside the box to inform their strategies. And as football fever sweeps the globe, turning to events such as the World Cup which have required careful planning, countless tactics and a whole lot of groundwork actually makes a lot of sense!


Liberis Ranks 3rd Best UK Workplace For Women (Medium) 2018

04 July 2018
1 minute read

Liberis are very proud to announce that - on top of achieving 21st place in Great Place to Work's Best Medium Workplaces 2018 list - Liberis have also been recognised as one of the Best Medium Workplaces For Women! Making a shortlist of 34 companies in the UK, and ranking 3rd in the 15 organisations of our size.

small business of the month


Small Business Of The Month: The Rook and Gaskill, York

20 June 2018
1 minute read

This June our Small Business of the Month award goes to The Rook and Gaskill, an award-winning pub located just outside the city walls of York.

mobile marketing

Attracting customers

5 Ways To Win At Mobile Marketing For Your Hospitality Business

18 June 2018
3 minute read

While mobile marketing could previously have been seen as more of an additional channel, in today’s world it has now become a must-have to your promotion strategy.

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