The Potting Shed

In 2012, after working in the gardening trade for most of her career, business owner Shelley Walker was looking for something new:

“Rather than letting my gardening knowledge go to waste I thought let’s find a space to have a little seasonal garden centre and a café,” she explains. “My husband Paul is a chef, so both he and I could work from there and run the business together.”

The pair spotted a derelict shed in a car park in Monmouth and thought this would be the perfect spot for the business. And so, after agreeing a short lease with the landlord, they opened The Potting Shed! It proved hugely successful with the local people and it wasn’t long until they made the move to much larger premises, a beautiful 19th century building not too far away.

“We’re only now beginning to realise the potential of the business,” says Shelley. “Word of mouth is like wildfire, and we find that all the locals are talking about us. Paul is doing the cooking and I grow a lot of our own produce too so we’re just getting bigger and bigger, taking wedding and party bookings too. As we’re surrounded by so many holiday cottages, business has really begun to take off for us over the past few years.”

Conscious that they should maximise the potential of both the business and the building, Paul and Shelley have been vigilant about responding to the needs and growth of The Potting Shed brand.

“I’m not cut and dry in business, I like to follow where the business is leading me instead. Between Paul and myself, we talk, live, eat, breathe and sleep the business! And we want to make it the best it can be and that’s why we work with Liberis.”

“We have used their cash injection to take our business to the next level and improve on what we’ve created so far whether that be marketing, vehicles, or developing the property. We’d like to expand our domestic kitchen so I can make more homemade cakes and desserts for the restaurant. We want to add that wow factor to the business!”

With Liberis’ Business Cash Advance, owners make repayments at a fixed percentage of their daily customer card takings, so it works perfectly in line with their cash flow.

“It works superbly well for us,” says Shelley. “If we were to take a loan with the bank it would take a lot longer for us to pay it back, but the way we borrow with Liberis suits us perfectly because the more we invest, the more business comes through the door and the quicker we make our repayments. It’s a symbiotic relationship as far as we’re concerned! We feel very comfortable with how it works and the control we have over it all.”

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