Quick Stop Food & Wine

Since 2013, business owner Bahzad Yad has been running Quick Stop Food & Wine, a convenience store in Vauxhall, London. The shop stocks a wide variety of products, including chilled foods, fresh fruit and vegetables, toiletries and other household goods. It also functions as an off-licence.

Quick Stop Food & Wine is positioned in a busy area where the competition is high, especially as there are several larger supermarkets now located nearby. But Bahzad has always had confidence in his business and believed that, by making the most of good opportunities, Quick Stop Food & Wine would continue to succeed in the high-street market.

Striving to do so, Bahzad sought out additional funding and support from Liberis to help boost his business in early 2016.

“We received a letter from Liberis, so I gave their team a call to find out more,” he says, “they were very helpful and explained how their Business Cash Advance (BCA) could work for me. I was really happy with their product and ideas, so I decided to apply for some additional funds for my business.”

Having the extra cash has not only enabled Bahzad to expand on the range of produce sold at Quick Stop Food & Wine, but to work in sync with his suppliers and save money in the process.

“When I’m buying stock, there are often special offers that I can’t afford to miss - especially in the run up to busy holidays like Easter. Having access to finance allows me to buy more stock at better prices, and helps me to stand out with a wider variety of products on sale.”

Bahzad has since taken out a further three advances with Liberis to continue improving his business; including the replacement of a broken fridge, and refurbishing his entire store with new lighting. The relationship with Liberis has enabled Bahzad to keep developing his business while the repayments automatically align to cash flow, so his finances are never put under stress.

“The repayment system is really flexible so there isn’t the pressure on me and my business that you get with fixed monthly payments” he says, “I have used an overdraft and some facilities with the bank, but with Liberis I can take out more and pay it back as I earn from my card takings gradually. It works a lot better for me!”

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