Perfect Day Florist

Chantal Kirk has been in the flower industry since she was in college, working part-time before she was thrown in the deep-end as the business’ main florist. She learnt quickly and after several years, moved on to open her own floristry company: Perfect Day.

Perfect Day has journeyed between several properties during its lifetime, but now resides in a peaceful neighbourhood in Doncaster. From here, Chantal works – with a little help from her friends and family – to create arrangements for dozens of weddings, funerals and events in the local area.

“When I first opened the shop here, I didn’t even have any scissors!” says Chantal. “I was just working from home, but we had so many weddings – sometimes as many as six weddings a weekend! – so I needed to get stock in and find a way to preserve the arrangements. But to do that I needed cash.”

“I had heard about Liberis from a friend, a local hairdresser in our area. And actually, that very same week I received a letter about Liberis too. All about how they’re helping small businesses who need a boost, just like me!”

Following her fellow business owners’ advice, Chantal took out her first Business Cash Advance with us in April 2017, using it to purchase stock and a big freezer to help keep the flowers fresh.

“Working with Liberis is just lovely, they’re so easy to talk too and the process is so straightforward. Especially the repayment system,” she explains. “I take card payments every day and lots over the telephone, so I just don’t miss the money. And I always know I’m going to be busy around Mothers’ Day, Valentines’ and Christmas too, so they cover a lot of the cost. It’s a big advantage over paying a monthly fee like you would with the bank.”

Perfect Day has been known to collaborate with several other local businesses; brands who provide balloons and wedding arches, sweet trollies and chocolate fountains. Chantal believes that together they act as a “one-stop wedding shop” and to make it happen she will be continuing to invest in her business growth with support from Liberis’ funding.

“We’re going to be getting bigger and better. At the moment I’m just driving a car, but I would love a little van that we can brand and take out to events. We’d also be looking to vamp up the shop a little bit in the next few months.”

Next Steps

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