Gibsons Nightclub

Owner Carleton Leonard has been working in the hospitality / nightlife industry for over 20 years; evolving his business from running a pub in the early 90s, to taking over a Gibsons Nightclub in Oswestry in 2002.

He and his wife inherited a hardworking team, and together they developed the nightclub into the area’s favourite venue for drinking and dancing.

“We’re the only nightclub in town but that doesn’t mean we can just sit on our laurels,” says Carleton. “We’ve got to make sure we’ve still got what people want, so we always listen to our customers whether it’s a choice of music they want to hear or feedback on the club itself.”

His commitment to constantly improving Gibsons Nightclub has been key to the growth and sustainability of the business.

“We always need things, little bits and bobs. It can be updating lighting, soundsystems or CCTV, or heating – knowing this cold climate of ours – just anything really. There’s always something to get done so we prioritise these areas and invest accordingly.”

As such, Carleton has, upon several occasions, looked to support his business development with additional funding from Liberis. Liberis’ finance works differently to that of a traditional loan, as our customers only repay us when their customers pay them – working perfectly in line with their cash flow!

“I think it’s just such a simple system; whoever came up with it should be applauded! It’s not paying back a hefty bank loan, it’s just paying back what you can actually afford. A percentage of whatever you take in card payments goes directly towards paying your debt – if you could even call it a debt – so it’s so simple.”

Carleton says he doesn’t have any major plans in the works for Gibsons Nightclub, but will maintain his cycle of renovation and redecoration as the business continues to grow.

Next Steps

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