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Exotic Palms & Spa

Fifteen years ago, business owner Chris Whitton opened Exotic Palms and Spas Ltd. Based in Gillingham, Kent, the business sells 14 different types of high quality beachcomber hot tubs, saunas, gazebos and barbeques. Exotic Palms & Spas also offers a specialist hot tub cleaning and repairs service.

As well as supplying a desirable and high-end product, Chris and his team are dedicated to giving their customer base, which spans the South East and the Lake District, a premium quality service. The hot tubs are guaranteed for 30 years; and they are proud of their hydrotherapy hot tubs, which are manufactured in Vancouver, Canada and are designed by chiropractic engineers to help the body, bones and back.

Chris has received two Business Cash Advances from Liberis totalling £29,000, which has enabled him to redesign his store twice, and to refit his company showroom turning the upstairs space into offices.

“We wanted to design and build the best showroom ever, one that would reflect the quality of our products. We have a striking mural of celebrities and famous people across the years, which runs along the wall providing a luxurious backdrop and environment for the product range,” said Chris.

Chris believes that a Business Cash Advance from Liberis was the best source of finance available to him, “I went to the bank but they only offered me a five year loan with high APR, which wasn’t what I wanted. They didn’t seem interested and weren’t flexible. Liberis sent me a letter and when I contacted them, their staff were very friendly and helpful. I wasn’t used to dealing with a non-bank funder, but they answered all my questions and the repayment process is unbelievable. It was all very easy to do.

Liberis’ customer service is second to none; I would have no hesitation in recommending them. I’d suggest to any business, before going to a bank for funding, to give Liberis a call, it’s all worked out fabulously for me.”

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