Bad credit business loans & funding

At Liberis, we offer an award-winning alternative to traditional business loans: a Business Cash Advance. Our customers use us to access the funds they need in advance and pay us when they get paid - with payments taken via an agreed % of their customers' credit and debit card takings.

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Trusted provider

  • Provided over £400m in funding

  • Funded over 16k business across the globe

  • Alternative Lender of the Year winner for two years running at the Credit Awards

Flexible payments

  • Pay us as your customers pay you. Paymments are made automatically via a small percentage of your customer card transactions

  • One, agreed upon cost that never changes

  • No hidden fees or penalties.

Ongoing support

  • You know your business; we know finance - that's why we always listen carefully to offer you the best finance deals for your needs


  • 9/10 of our customers actively recommend us to others

What are bad credit business loans?

Small businesses who are looking for financial support to cover cash flow or support growth may think that traditional finance options such as a bank loans offer the best solution. But what if you have a less-than-ideal credit history? Bad credit business loans are designed to help you get the critical funding your business needs – even if you’ve already been turned down by traditional high street lenders.

The choice is no longer just ‘bad credit business loans’ either; there are a wide range of Alternative Business Funding options now available as well, including the Liberis Busines Cash Advance. These funders use modern underwriting techniques to form decisions based on how your business is doing today, right now, not just your credit history. They combine innovative technology and information models utilising softer data, better known as big data, to vet potential customers. Assessing a business’s industry reputation, customer reviews, ratings and social media footprint can provide a more truthful picture of its risk.

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Are business loans for poor credit right for you?

If your credit history isn’t ideal, it’s an unfortunate fact that many conventional lenders won’t be able to help you. Even if you’ve got a successful business that’s doing well, lenders may still view you as too much of a risk. And that means you’re more likely to be turned down for a loan next time you try to get finance for your business.

Late credit card repayments, the non-payment of a previous loan or county court judgements (CCJs) are just some of the things that have a negative impact on your credit score. But what happens if you need to obtain business funding with bad credit? While poor credit loans are an option, it’s not necessarily the best one. So, at Liberis, we’ve come up with an alternative…

Get business funding with bad credit from Liberis

At Liberis, we believe that the finance options available to your business should extend beyond traditional business loans. Your credit history shouldn’t have to be the be all and end all when it comes to getting finance, which is why we care about your business performance, not just your credit history. 

So, if you’re finding it tough to obtain business funding with bad credit, our Business Cash Advance is an innovative solution for businesses just like yours. It’s fast, effective finance that's been designed specifically for businesses, so you only pay back as your customers pay you. Liberis is removing the barriers that once stood in your way.

How does Liberis’ Business Cash Advance work?

Put simply, the Business Cash Advance is a type of funding that’s based on a business’ future credit and debit card sales. It’s repaid seamlessly through a small pre-agreed percentage of your customers’ card transactions – directly linked to your takings, so you only pay back as you’re earning.  

At Liberis, we’re dedicated to keeping funding affordable and appropriate for each business we work with. That’s why we’ve also developed our Introductory Cash Advance, to give businesses the opportunity to trial our funding solution and see if it works for you. If this option appeals to you then please call 020 8031 6527.

Why choose the Business Cash Advance?

Not got a perfect credit history? One of the major benefits of the Business Cash Advance is that our clever technology will look at your business and how it’s doing today – not just your financial past. What’s more, our funding is unsecured, so, there’s no risk of losing your home. You’ll only ever make repayments when you’re taking payments yourself. So, you can’t miss or be late with a payment to Liberis. And that means there’s no penalties either.

Here are some other reasons that make the Liberis Business Cash Advance such a great finance option for businesses – even if you have blemishes on your credit history:

  • Quick and easy onboarding process
  • Get a tailored quote online, all without impacting your credit score
  • You keep 100% of your cash income
  • No fixed repayment schedules
  • No late payments and no late payment charges
  • Repayments mirror your cash flow
  • No APR, fees, hidden charges or penalties. Ever.

Why do I need a Business Cash Advance?

ou can use your Business Cash Advance from Liberis for any business related purpose, including but not limited to:

  • Purchase and/or replace stock 
  • Refurbish existing premises or relocate
  • Make VAT or bill payments 
  • Expand and grow your business  operations
  • Cover dips in cash flow 
  • Buy or upgrade equipment and machinery
  • Upgrade and/or expand vehicle fleet
  • Invest in sales and marketing solutions
  • Hire new and train existing employees
  • Any other purpose your business may need funding for!

Is my business eligible for the Business Cash Advance?

If you’re interested in applying for a Business Cash Advance, all we ask is two simple things:

  • You’ve been trading for at least 4 months
  • You take £5,500 (or more) in debit/credit card sales each month


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