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Growing your business

Five Challenges Every Small Business Faces and How to Overcome Them

14 October 2019
4 minute read

Accounting for a massive 99.9% of the UK’s 5.7 million and growing private sector businesses, the position of SMEs has become one of the utmost important, impacting the vitality of the UK jobs market, employability levels and UK economy in general. Statistics say that over half the number of SMEs fail to exist past the 5-year mark, as owners are unable to combat the host of challenges that arise from such entrepreneurial endeavours. But, do not fear, Liberis is here!

Growing your business

The Importance of Online Reviews

01 October 2019
3 minute read

Consumer choice has increased at a staggering amount over the past decade or so. With numerous establishments popping up in every sector of every industry each year, and online providers providing accessible options to compare businesses, the competition is fierce and it remains a challenge for SMEs to stay afloat in such a bustling environment. SMEs must learn to adapt amidst the crowded infrastructure of UK business. And a sure-fire way to do this, is by being vigilant and attentive to online reviews.

Growing your business

The Power of the Social Influencer Market

23 September 2019
4 minute read

These days, there’s no getting away from social influencer marketing. Far from just a fad, this trend is still going strong as businesses are increasingly keen to incorporate influencer marketing into their overall strategies. But what exactly is a social influencer and social influencer marketing?

Growing your business

5 Common Mistakes SMEs Make

16 September 2019
4 minute read

According to the National Federation of Self Employed & Small Businesses Limited, small businesses accounted for 99.3% of all private sector businesses at the start of 2018 and 99.9% were small or medium-sized (SMEs). That’s a pretty big percentage, and one that shows no signs of decreasing significantly anytime soon.

wellbeing in the workplace

Growing your business

How to Promote Wellbeing in the Workplace

09 September 2019
4 minute read

Nowadays, we’re all becoming more aware of our general wellbeing and how we’re feeling on a regular basis. And as we spend so much of our time at work, it’s only natural that this should extend to the workplace. In light of this, there is now a growing responsibility for business owners to make sure they’re doing their bit.

social media engagement

Growing your business

How to Get More Engagement on Social Media

02 September 2019
3 minute read

With 83% of the UK’s adult population in 2018 now tweeting, ‘gramming, snapping and liking on one or more channels, and only 60% of businesses using social media, now is the time to get online and ride that wave of potential efore it’s too late. 

business expansion signs

Growing your business

5 Signs You're Ready to Expand Your Business

19 August 2019
3 minute read

Developing a brand is wracked with responsibility and is ultimately the be-all and end-all of most merchant practices. But fear not, weary entrepreneur, as a friendly financier of smaller businesses, we will help you carry this burden, or at least support your forward notions by supplying you with five signs that show you’re ready to expand your business .

market your business on a budget

Growing your business

How to Market Your Business on a Budget - Part One: Social & Community

01 August 2019
5 minute read

As many business owners know, when it comes to running a successful business it’s simply not enough to rely on offering a great product or service. You’ve got to get the word out, and that’s where marketing comes in!

2019 Calendar

Growing your business

Emerging Small Business Trends for 2019

17 December 2018
4 minute read

As the year comes to a close, budding entrepreneurs and business owners alike should take time to reflect on the past year of business – to review their successes, failures and effectively plan for the year ahead.

new year

Growing your business

Get Started: New Year, New Tech for your Restaurant Business

20 November 2018
6 minute read

Hospitality and technology are a dish best served together; albeit, within the right context of course. Whether in casual dining establishments such as a McDonalds or Burger King, or a high-end restaurant reserved for special occasions, technology is a near necessity in the modern world of business – a seventh sense that one cannot and should not fully ignore.

happy women laughing

Growing your business

10 ways to de-stress at work

05 November 2018
8 minute read

Here are just 10 of our favourite techniques that can support your mental wellbeing and help you feel a little happier and healthier at work each day. 

coloured pencils

Growing your business

Online Learning to make your business the best it can be!

25 October 2018
3 minute read

Whether you’re an Oxford graduate or a start-up, do-it-yourself entrepreneur, everyone can benefit from enhancing their skills as professional business owners. And, ever since the advent of the internet, it’s become increasingly easy to get online, get learning and garner the skills necessary to enable good business practice, great marketing and a successful enterprise to boot.