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Back To Basics: 5 Tips for Securing Small Business Funding

10 August 2018
4 minute read

Nowadays, it’s important to not only secure funding but also to make sure you’re securing the right kind of funding. To do this you’ll need to consider a range of factors and do your research so that you can secure the best option for your business!

Accessing Finance

Accessing finance

When Does Your Business Need Funding?

23 January 2018
3 minute read

Whether it’s a planned expense such as refurbishment or purchasing stock, or the need to fix an unexpected issue; running a small business, you’ll know that these scenarios - and their demand for financial support - are often just around the corner. And when they arise, you want to know that you’re making the right choices both in terms of timing and funding.


Accessing finance

Sources of Business Finance

27 June 2017
5 minute read

Long gone are the days when a business’ only means of acquiring funding was through a business loan from their bank.  Alternatives have now given business owners more options, allowing them to choose the best solution to fit their needs. To help make that decision a little easier, we’ve put together a list of five popular sources of business finance, and the purposes each one serve.

growing popularity

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Growing Popularity in Alternative Finance for SMEs

16 March 2017
4 minute read

Last month, the UK Government owned, British Business Bank Investments (BBBI) published their 2016/2017 report on Small Business Finance Markets. The report expands on the results of their 2016 Business Finance Survey, conducted last November, that explored SME awareness of alternative finance and their previous experiences when looking to source business finance.

small business credit builder part two

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Small Business Credit Builder - Part 2: Improving Your Credit Score

22 February 2017
4 minute read

After learning how to understand your credit rating in Part One, in the second installment of our Business Credit Builder, Liberis tells you everything you need to know about improving your score; putting you in the best position possible when looking to develop your business.

small business credit builder

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Small Business Credit Builder - Part 1: Find & Understand Your Credit Score

18 January 2017
5 minute read

Understanding the effect of a credit score will help business owners monitor and manage their financial rating effectively, which in turn increases the likelihood of being accepted for credit.

improve your business credit rating

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Five Ways To Improve Your Business Credit Rating

11 November 2016
3 minute read

With the alternative finance sector growing more than ever I thought I’d share my experience on the best possible way for SMEs to make sure their credit rating is the best it can be.

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SME Investment Report

05 August 2016
2 minutes read

A lot has happened in the financial landscape this year, most recently as a result of the announcements in the 2016 Budget, the new National Living Wage and, of course, Brexit. With a great deal of change affecting small to medium businesses in these uncertain times, we wanted to know if – and how – SMEs are planning to invest in their businesses in 2016 and beyond. It was good news – our survey of over 300 SMEs found that a healthy 68% of respondents are planning to take out business finance in the next 12 months to expand their business, purchase new equipment and more.

CEO of Liberis

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How to Stop Financial Headaches – CEO Insight

01 September 2015
3 minute read

Rob Straathof, CEO of Liberis looks at some of the financial challenges facing business owners and how to overcome them.

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More SMEs seek Alternative Finance than a Bank Overdraft

23 July 2015
1 minute read

Evidence of the increase in demand of alternative finance from small businesses just keeps growing. The latest findings from our Business Monitor research series shows that more small businesses in need of funding sought alternative finance rather than a bank overdraft in the last 12 months. And, only marginally more sought a bank loan.