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COVID-19: Working From Home Tips

23 March 2020
2 minute read

Emma McCarthy

As a result of the recent developments with coronavirus, many businesses in the UK and beyond are now facilitating a working from home policy for their employees. While many customer-facing businesses don’t have the ability to implement this, other companies have taken this decision indefinitely.  

Tracy Kitchen is a Senior Sales Executive at Liberis and is she is also a home worker. So, we thought it was the perfect time to chat with Tracy about her top three tips on working from home to help anyone who is new to it.  

  1. Rise and shine - Get up at least an hour before you start! Use this time to get ready mentally and physically for the day. Give yourself time to enjoy your breakfast, get some exercise in or read a chapter of the book you have been hoping to read. By the time 9am comes, you’ll be awake and ready to go! 

  1. Workspace ready – Get your workspace set up and ready to go the night before. When it’s time to start, you can log on right away without any delays. 

  1. Take that coffee break – Before your day begins, allocate a morning break, lunch time and afternoon coffee/tea break, just like you would when in the office. This stops you from hitting that ‘slump’ and keeping you motivated throughout the day. 

It’s important during these days that can be filled with anxiety and uncertainty that we continue to look after ourselves mentally and physically. Activities such as yoga and meditation can help in keeping on top of this. Look out for a blog post from us covering this in more detail soon. 

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