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How to Promote Wellbeing in the Workplace

09 September 2019
4 minute read

Alex Woods

Nowadays, we’re all becoming more aware of our general wellbeing and how we’re feeling on a regular basis. And as we spend so much of our time at work, it’s only natural that this should extend to the workplace. In light of this, there is now a growing responsibility for business owners to make sure they’re doing their bit.

While statistics show that only around 8% of UK organisations have a dedicated ‘wellbeing strategy’, more than half have at least one wellbeing benefit in place, showing that businesses are starting to incorporate this into their goals.


What is wellbeing?

Wellbeing usually refers to how we feel as individuals in terms of overall emotional, psychological and physical health. 


What can affect wellbeing in the workplace?

Factors such as the employee’s relationship with their manager or co-workers, their working hours, the environment that they work in, their workload, the nature of their work, and the amount of support that they receive.


Why should you support the wellbeing of your employees?

A satisfied workforce is able to perform their duties with more enthusiasm, be more motivated and efficient, build positive relationships with co-workers and customers, take fewer sick days and be willing to go the extra mile for your business.

So with this in mind, here are a few tips on how you can promote positive wellbeing across your business:


Create the right environment

Creating the right environment can make all the difference when it comes to your employee’s wellbeing. This can include making sure that there is enough natural light on your premises (try to avoid harsh strip lighting), and making sure that your staff have enough space to move around freely without feeling cramped or tripping over things. You should also check that the room temperature is right, using air conditioning, fans, and heating to keep it regulated.

You can also provide a space for your employees to properly relax and take breaks. Having a staff room or designated area with comfortable seating means staff are able to recharge and properly switch off.


Encourage balance

Getting a work-life balance can be hard. As a business owner or manager, it’s part of your responsibility to encourage your staff to take regular breaks, make the most out of their lunch hour and leave on time. If you see that an employee is taking on a lot of shifts, e.g. regularly working double shifts or working multiple days at a time without a break, then it’s always worth checking in with them to make sure they are coping with their workload.

The same approach should be taken for annual leave – if you’ve noticed that an employee hasn’t taken annual leave in a while, pull them aside to make sure everything is okay.


Keep your employees moving

With some roles, employees are often sitting down for long periods of time or only have a limited amount of space to work in. That’s why it’s important to help keep your employees moving! Installing bike racks, a shower or changing area might encourage employees to cycle or run to work. Another option is partnering up with local gyms and fitness studios to offer your staff a discounted membership.

You can also start up a company sports team e.g. a football, netball or rounders team that runs every week. Plus, this is a great way of getting your employees to bond outside of working hours!


Encourage healthy eating

Although you can’t control what your employees eat, you can encourage healthy eating habits and provide more healthy options. You can do this by providing a staff kitchen area where employees are able to prepare fresh food in their breaks. You can also offer free fruit on a weekly basis to help your employees get one of their five a day. If you have a vending machine, fill it with healthy alternatives such as packets of nuts and cereal bars.

Why not take things off site by working with local suppliers to give your staff discounts or deals at healthy outlets nearby? This is also a great way to make local contacts and partner up with other companies!


Arrange regular one to one meetings

Scheduling regular one to one meetings is a great way to have more informal chats with your employees and check in with how everything is going. This can be done weekly or monthly, depending on how your sessions go. Not only will it show that you’re an understanding and supporting employer, but it also gives your staff the chance to voice concerns, give feedback and highlight areas where they need more support.

So now you have a few ideas on how to promote wellbeing in the workplace, why not give it a try?

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