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TED Talks

Some focused entrepreneurial advice can play a large factor in achieving that all-important, get up and go attitude which all small businesses thrive upon; especially if you’re a start-up. And there’s lots of this advice and inspiration out there. Whether it’s an upcoming business blog or a particularly inspiring TED talk, it’s easy to find some neat tips and tricks to bolstering your business strategy and keeping your methods fresh and innovative.

So, this week we’re discussing just three of the top TED talks which small businesses can learn a thing or two from, and a couple of fantastic business-centric blogs along the way:


Talk to TED

Vusi Thembekwayo

First up, a great TED talk from one of Africa’s leading entrepreneurs and self-made millionaire, Vusi Thembekwayo. The self-styled ‘Rockstar of Public Speaking’ has a knack for leadership in all senses of the word. A dragon on Africa’s version of Dragon’s Den and CEO of MyGrowthFund, Thembekwayo is a venture capitalist delivering “quality, tailor-made services to both Corporates that fund or sponsor [their] entrepreneurs” and providing mentorship to those that “meet and even exceed expectations”. He is a world-renowned businessman and clearly exceeds in giving small businesses the advice they need to get a foot in the door.

In his viral TED talk, The Big Lie of Small Business (above), Thembekayo provides some great tips for start-up businesses; while imploring that the most important, for entrepreneurs and small business owners, is faith and the allowance of failure: that to fail is to learn how to adapt and to make mistakes is the most effective way to learn. After all, you can’t make a cake without cracking a few eggs.


Bill Gross

Another fantastic TED talk to draw your eyes to is American billionaire investor, fund manager, philanthropist and CEO of Pacific Investment Management Co, Bill Gross’s, clear and concise presentation on The Single Reason Startups Succeed.

Throughout the talk, Gross goes over the five essential elements needed to lead to a successful business venture; those being the Idea, Team, Business Model, Funding, and Timing of the release of the potential product and/or service provided. A presentation that is highly effective in giving entrepreneurs a recipe for success, Gross goes on to insist that the most important element when starting up your business, is Timing; that a good knowledge of the financial climate/ecosystem and a critical understanding of the uses of your product is paramount when starting a business.

So, give it watch, as there’s no better timing than the present to learn from the best about what makes business achieve its best.


Mark Leruste

If you’re looking for something a little closer to home, why not check out the UK’s own podcaster, public speaker and founder of The Unconventionalists, Mark Leruste’s presentation on What They Don't Tell You About Entrepreneurship?

In this talk, Leruste goes over how it feels to become an entrepreneur, detailing the foray of emotions he deals with as the sole owner of a business. A rather riveting watch, Leruste explains that sometimes running a business can be a lonely experience, especially being the only benefactor of the company. He describes the struggles of collaboration and the necessity to understand and accept defeat or failure - a recurrent theme in the world of business and, indeed, this very blog. Check it out below.


Blogs N’Stuff

If TED talks aren’t your preferred platform of advice - perhaps you don’t have the time, or maybe it’s just a little unsafe for work - then consider taking a look at one or two of the numerous business blog websites from across the web.

Start Up Donut, for instance, is a well-regarded site for any and all entrepreneurs and current business owners alike. It displays a bunch of articles ranging from business law to marketing. The site exists to make starting a business easier and more effective; its mantra – to help “businesses to succeed by providing reliable information and resources that can save business owners time and money”. Which sounds alright to us, so check it out, an example article being the Secrets to Start-Up Success - a great read, with some great focal points to boot.

Another example blog, and one aiming to support women in their business ventures, is Prowess, a platform that envisions “an environment where women in business can flourish; [a place that helps] women and professional advisers to gain the knowledge and tools to make that possible”.

Prowess also provides a monthly newsletter, which details a flurry of blogs and events that take place in support of women in business, and whole load of topical articles from various women with experiences ranging from the high ups to the start-ups.

Over one-hundred users create content for this blog, with the intention of keeping women enticed and enrolled in business, while celebrating their shared passion for the industry and proving their commitment to “drive positive change” for entrepreneurial women from all over the UK. They even have a manifesto – check it out here.

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