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How to Make Your Shop More Environmentally Friendly

24 February 2020
3 minute read

Simon Jenner

As the world plunders deeper into environmental imbalance, more and more people are making changes to the things they consume and the way they consume them. Whether that’s in the food industry, healthcare and beauty, automotives or even indeed, retail.

 According to a study by GlobalWebIndex in 2018, ​61% of people aged 22-35 agree that they would pay more for eco-friendly products, followed closely by 58% of those aged 16-21. That’s a huge market of young people that are actively making changes to where and whom they purchase goods/services from. A number which is only set to boom as its members’ disposable income grows. 
Going green in retail can not only reduce the carbon footprint of your business but also make you stand out from the crowd. It can show that you are committed to the lifecycle of the earth while being considerate of your consumers’ choice and varying principles. And it isn’t always as expensive as having your own sustainable garden or in-store insulation. Here’s five tips on how to make your retail experience more environmentally friendly.  
Make Bags and Receipts Optional  

This comes under as one of the easiest and equally green methods of reducing your shop’s carbon footprint. Consider getting rid of plastic bags altogether, offering paper or canvas ones in their stead, and ask whether the customer needs a receipt before it’s printed. If they do, then an even better solution is to send a digital e-receipt directly to their email. That way you gather customer data and prevent the usage of unrecyclable thermal receipts in the process. Two birds, one stone and less trash for the planet to inhabit. 
Buy Energy-Efficient Equipment 
Integrating energy-efficient equipment in and around your store can not only reduce the amount of energy you use but also the amount of money you spend in the first place. Buying newer energy saving light bulbs such as light-emitting diodes (LED) or compact fluorescents (CFL) to replace any incandescent or older fluorescent light bulbs ones, will in no doubt save you spending in the long run. Chris Lynch, director of the ​Business Environmental Program at the University of Nevada-Reno​ states that ​"If you have five years left on your lease, the savings [from switching to energy saving light bulbs] could pay for the project before the lease ends." 
Further this approach by choosing the greenest of equipment when purchasing new fax-machines, computers, printers etc. Compare Energy Star ratings and buy the most efficient item. Additionally, consider utilizing cashless systems such as card payment machines and mobile payments. This decreases the usage of paper, ink and metal while also reducing the energy needed to produce physical cash, not to mention making sales that much easier to conduct. 
Switch it Off 
And finally, a simple, easy and yet frequently ignored method to making your store more environmentally friendly is to turn as much electrical equipment off before closing shop. Exercise this with caution as turning off heaters and fridges could cause damage to your goods and stock. Yet, tools such as computers, lights, cash registers that don’t need to stay on overnight can and should be turned off. This will save you a little extra cash, revert your business from light polluting your local area and reduce your carbon footprint all in one.  
Perhaps even consider implementing timers on equipment used in sporadically visited areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. Cut down on the use of overhead lights during the day in sections of your store that are used less frequently, or at least those that are by windows. Saving you money, while saving the world little by little.  
If you need financial support in preparing your business to be environmentally friendly, consider checking in with us here at Liberis Finance, where we offer a great Business Cash Advance to which we don’t begin recouping until it starts to make you profit. Giving you a helping hand in giving the world a helping hand.

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