Summer Refurbishment Ideas For Your Pub, Restaurant or Cafe

Summer Restaurant Refurbishment

Although the summer period is when many businesses slow down, it can also be a really busy time for pubs and restaurants as, naturally, the warmer months attract customers from near and far looking to dine out. In fact, previous statistics have shown that warm weather can have a direct impact on sales with the pub and restaurant sector experiencing 4.5% total sales growth during the summer of 2017.

If you’re a pub or restaurant owner with summer refurbishment plans then you’ll need to make sure you’re considering your customers’ needs while making use of the space that you have. Whether it’s just a few small changes or a complete overhaul, a summer refurbishment could be just what your business needs to give your premises, your brand and your sales a little boost!

With this in mind, here are a few ideas for your summer refurbishment:


Make use of outdoor space

Outdoor Refurbishment

If you currently have an outdoor space for your pub and restaurant then you need to ask yourself if you’re making the most of it. As the weather gets warmer, an outdoor area can be a huge selling point when customers are looking for somewhere to eat and drink.

Your considerations should include making sure you have tables and chairs that are appropriate for all weather conditions and umbrellas for providing shade when it gets sunny. If your customers like to sit outside, even when the sun’s gone down, then investing in some outdoor lighting, heaters or blankets could also be worthwhile. Make sure not to forget your neighbours though, and perhaps put a curfew on your outdoor space if customers are too noisy.

You could also consider expanding on your outdoor offering and providing more than just a comfortable place to sit. For example, if you’re a pub or restaurant you could build a separate bar outdoors or even build an outdoor kitchen or BBQ area where customers can enjoy an authentic al fresco dining experience.


Lighten up your indoor space

If your indoor space is starting to look a little dingy and dark, it could be time to give it a summer revamp. A good place to start is with your lighting – the more natural light, the better! You can do this by adding more windows or building in skylights to brighten up your rooms.

Next, you’ll want to review your current colour scheme. Making everything a few shades lighter or incorporating a splash of colour can really open up your space. This could include your walls, ceilings, doors and soft furnishing such as curtains or blinds. Adding mirrors can also help to create the illusion of more open space. Placing mirrors opposite windows can reflect any greenery or scenery straight back into your building!


Bringing the outside inside


As the weather can sometimes be unpredictable, a lot of businesses are opting for conservatories in a bid to draw in customers who want to enjoy the great outdoors without actually stepping foot outside. Conservatories can serve as dining rooms or private function rooms, and as well as providing lots of natural light and outdoor views, it also has the added bonus of being functional all year round. If you are thinking of building a conservatory on your premises why not consider a Business Cash Advance to help you fund it? This flexible funding option has a unique repayment system which takes a small percentage of your customers’ credit card transactions, plus there’s no APR or harsh varying terms!


Get equipped

he summer months can also be an opportunity to draw in customers who are looking for entertainment and things to do. Some might be looking for venues where they are able to watch sporting events such as Wimbledon or the Rugby World Cup. To cater for this you might want to think about investing in some big screens and high quality speakers to give your business an edge over competitors. If you’re thinking of putting on summer events such as live entertainment you’ll also need to think about purchasing sound systems and speakers to make sure your event really stands out!


Now you have a few ideas to get you started, you can start planning for your refurbishment and give your customers a summer to remember!

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