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4 Ways to Cut Costs and Impress Your Customers with Packaging

01 March 2018
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When it comes to structuring your overall process - whether it be, advertising, making sales or delivering high-quality products - packaging can often be left an afterthought. However, making sure you give it some thought and get it right can not only save you money but improve your environmental footprint and impress your customers too - leading to more sales! That’s why this week we’ve got the expert tips from BCS, British Converting Solutions, to help you get the most out of your packaging.

Outsourcing Packaging vs In-House

As a small business, you’re likely to be reliant upon third parties for your cardboard box packaging, and there are a lot of potential drawbacks to be aware of here. For instance, choosing from restricted options you may end up with sets of packaging that vary simply between small, medium and large. These cardboard boxes may not fit your products as well as they could - as one size does not fit all! Especially if you deal with lots of different products and orders.

Bringing your packaging process in-house can help to overcome problems like this, saving money and improving your impact on the environment. Short-run box making machines are designed specifically to meet the requirements of small businesses. These are simple to use and, more importantly, allow complete customisation of your packaging. You can choose from a broad range of styles - from oblong boxes to cardboard trays - and put them together as needed, giving you maximum control over your packaging.

4 Ways to Save Money and the Environment with Packaging

Reducing Material

A simple way to reduce the cost of your packaging and to help the environment is to reduce the amount of cardboard you use overall. Getting boxes that fit your product as closely as possible means that you can reduce waste this waste; not to mention, make your customers happier too . . .

In recent years, larger e-commerce companies, such as Amazon, have begun asking their customers in feedback questionnaires to rate the packaging of their purchase - including whether it was an appropriate size for the product. This has made customers increasingly aware of the environmental impact of packaging and unafraid to express dissatisfaction when boxes are too big for the product.

Stockpiling Boxes

When you’re reliant on third parties for your packaging, stockpiling - or gathering a lot of unwanted stock or materials - can be inevitable. But reducing your stockpiling can reduce you can reduce carbon footprint too, so it’s worth considering bringing packaging production in-house, so that you can make boxes as and when you need.

In this regard, it’s important to get a short-run box making machine. A long run machine can only produce large quantities of boxes, which you would then have to store yourself anyway!

Reducing Packaging Fillers

With boxes that fit your product well, you can reduce the amount of packaging fillers, such as packing peanuts or paper. This will make a significant impact on your outgoing costs reduces your costs, but also, perform much better for the environment - particularly if you use Styrofoam fillers that can’t be recycled and don’t biodegrade on their own.

With boxes that fit the product, they’ll be naturally better protected and less likely to be damaged in transport, even without fillers. Once again, increasing customer satisfaction and reducing the cost of returns and replacements.

Reducing Carbon Emissions

Packages that fit your product well also comes with another, less obvious benefit: the ability to load and pack transport vehicles more efficiently. With smaller packages, you will be able to fit larger loads into each van and reduce the number of vehicles on the road. This will reduce your carbon emissions, as well as saving cost on fuel and drivers.


A cardboard box making machine can help you to reduce your carbon footprint and save money. Even without investing in new machinery, being aware of the size of your packaging, your use of fillers and the efficiency of your delivery can go a long way to reducing costs and pleasing your customers.

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