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Small Business Of The Month: Palm Vaults, London

19 July 2017
2 minute read

This month’s winner for Small Business of the Month is Palm Vaults! As nominated by our Digital Marketing Executive, Raff Gifford.

Palm Vaults is an independent coffee-and-cake café in Hackney, London. Catering for vegetarians, vegans, and aesthetes alike, the café prides itself on its plant-based menu and eccentric décor, in a space filled with lush green plants and velvet padded booths.

Owner Hannah McEvoy and her team are also passionate about working with other local independent businesses, such as Victoria Yum and The Hardihood, who supply Palm Vaults with some of their beautifully decorated sweet treats.

“The menu changes week to week, depending on what ingredients they've been able to source,” says Raff. “I highly recommend the avocado toast though - it's the best I've tried in East London so far and I'm always coming back for more! And their signature rose latte is a real treat too.”

Since opening just 15 months ago, Palm Vaults’ popularity has soared; with its signature mint and pastel pink décor securing them the title of “London’s most Instagrammable café” in a vast variety travel magazines and blogs.

“There’s wonderful atmosphere in the café. Overflowing with pastels, retro prints and overhanging plants, it kind of feels like you've been taken back to the 70s. I was pleased to find that its charm - which has been captured through so many camera lenses - translates in real-life too!

Whenever I go to Palm Vaults I always leave feeling really happy. Whether it's from the beautiful decor, the delicious menu or the friendly staff is hard to know - so I'd say it's probably a combination of all these things.”

Find out more about Palm Vaults on their Instagram page.


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