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Sesonal Promotion For Your Hospitality Business

09 March 2020
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Simon Jenner

Springtime is here folks! And with it, the perfect opportunity to fine-tune your SME’s business plan for the seasonal storm ahead.  
Statistics say that ​“overseas residents made 10.0 million visits to the UK in Quarter 2 (Apr to June) 2019”​, taking holiday being the majority reason for said visits. That’s 10 million extra potential customers, and 10 million more reasons to have your hospitality business up to scratch. Additionally, out of these 10 million, ​expenditure reached around £6.2 billion, which is 3% higher than in 2018.​ That’s even more incentive to ready your business for the coming springtime madness. 
Yes, travellers from all across the globe will soon be packing their bags and jetting off to the British Isles to gorge on tea and biscuits while gazing at the delightful foray of newly bloomed daffodils that come with the season. And as with all seasonal changes, Spring offers a slew of ways in which your business can work to combat the influx of tourists and residents, all trying to relish in the crisp green, the fresh flora and the cheap travel that British springtime delivers.  
Here’s three ways to promote your Hospitality business during this springtime period...
Seasonal Offers and Creative Specials 
Whether in the business of B&Bs, restaurants, hotel and spas, Spring is your hypothetical oyster to entice guests, new and old, to visit/revisit your established enterprise and engage in its various goods and services.  
Use this seasonal opportunity to create offers pertaining to Spring, and everything that springtime brings. Create special packages that promote more than one business. Partner up other local businesses to form the holy grail of Spring deals - one that includes food, accomodation and entertainment.  
Hold a flash sale and rake in those customers that want to avoid the influx of summer holidayers - 40% off for those that are on the fence and curious, one step away from booking your hotel, spa or B&B. Collect it with a seasonal package and voila! That’s an enticed customer, who’s more likely to spend a quid on the minibar, considering the savings they’ve already made. 
Make sure to define your target market! Take a look at trends from past years and collate the common traits amongst springtime guests. Whether it’s business travellers, families, recent college grads etc. Use this information to create the best spring specials, package deals and the best ads for these offers accordingly. Post them on your social media, newsletters and in any ad campaigns you’re running this Spring for ultimate reach and visibility. 
Seasonal Content 
Create relevant content that not only promotes your SME but also that provides information about local events, sights and sounds. Write blog posts that pertain to nearby gardens, flower shows, tourist attractions and other local affairs that flourish in the springtime sun. 
If you’re out in the countryside, look at the best hikes and bike routes to take, the best places to rent gear and the best restaurants to grab a bite at the end of it all. Put it all in a blog post and/or seasonal newsletter for visitors to take a gander at when they reach your website, foyer or social media. Give it a seasonal finish by using charming springtime photos to further illustrate the hidden gems of your local area. Promote the photogenic scenery that comes with British springtime and the local events that surround it. Colour your website in seasonal yellows, greens, blues and browns for that final springtime touch!  
Give people a taste of Spring and leave them wanting more. 
It solely depends on where you’re situated, how well you know the area and how much effort you want to put into the content. 
Spring Cleaning (Optimisation) 
Finally, and least exciting, is the prospect of Spring cleaning.  
Everyone’s got to do it, and everyone knows of the good that can come of such organisational tidiness. And no, we’re not talking about dusting a few rooms, and scrubbing a few tables. We’re talking OPTIMISATION!  
Get on the topic of tackling your online reviews and customer queries. Respond to people on social media, through email and via sites such as TripAdviser, Facebook and Google Reviews etc. Take this time to truly understand what your customer base is all about. Otherwise, all our other advice is irrelevant. 

Reorganise your advertisement tactics, re-establish your reach and re-engage with your customers. Optimisation is key for all things seasonal promotion. 
If you need any financial support, or advice, when implementing any of our seasonal promotion ideas, then don’t hesitate to contact us here at Liberis Finance. We offer a fantastic business cash advance that can provide you myriad support for problems large and small, with payments taken via an agreed percentage of your customer credit and debit card takings - meaning you only pay when it starts to make you money. 

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