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Get Started: Technology for your Pub / Bar Business

13 September 2018
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Alex Woods

Technology has completely transformed the way that we live, interact and do business. And it seems that no industry has been left untouched, even when it comes to pubs and bars.

Far from being just a novelty factor, much of the technology you’ll see is designed with distinct benefits in mind, such as helping business owners run their business more efficiently while saving cost and resources in the process. This also has an effect on how services and experiences are being delivered to the customer to meet their demands too.

In fact, a survey revealed that 52% of people thought that technology in pubs and bars improved the customer experience, and 67% of people in the 24-35 age group view technology as a necessity not a novelty.

So if you haven’t already, now’s the time to start considering what technology you could incorporate into your pub or bar and how this could revolutionise the way that you work. Here are a few of the technology trends that have been taking the industry by storm recently:

EPOS Systems

EPOS Systems for Pubs

More and more pubs and bars are introducing EPOS (Electronic point sale) systems to manage their transactions. Not only does this allow you to give your customers the flexibility to pay by card and make contactless payments, but it can also provide a whole host of other benefits when it comes to how you manage the running of your pub.

Choosing the right EPOS system means you can keep track of live sales and stock levels, while also reconciling transactions against how much stock you have, and reducing human error in the process. It can also help your customers get served more quickly and allow you to manage customer data such as name, contact details and purchasing history. This is useful if you want to carry out data analysis to look for patterns and trends.

Mobile Ordering


JD Wetherspoons recently launched their ‘order and pay’ app which allows customers to beat the queues by ordering and paying for their drinks through the app before being served their order. As well as the large chains, smaller pubs can also benefit from this feature thanks to apps such as Orderella and FlyPay. These allow customers to manage their bill at their table through their mobile devices enabling them to do things like split the bill, open a tab and settle the bill without having to queue or get a bartender’s attention.

Another way for customers to order is through an iPad. Pubs such as The Thirsty Bear are already incorporating this into their customer journey. Technology platforms such as Bluebird and TableTab provide iPad type menus so that customers can order straight through the device, manage their order and settle the bill all from the comfort of their seats.

Wireless Charging

Pub Charging

Already popular in cafes and coffee shops, wireless charging is a convenient solution for the modern consumer. This works by fitting devices under tables and allowing customers to charge their phones on the table tops. This is one tech trend that seems to be on the rise with wireless charging estimated to grow to $37.2 billion globally by 2022. If you’re offering this service you’ll also want to make sure this goes hand in hand with free WiFi for your customers!

VR Experiences


VR experiences are everywhere right now and some pubs are already taking advantage of how they can offer their customers enhanced experiences. An example of this is Italian beer brand Menabrea who are teaming up with pubs to offer punter a chance to experience a trip to northern Italy without even leaving the pub! This is done through a 360 degree virtual tour of Italian town Biella and will be rolled out at selected pubs in London, Manchester, Glasgow and Edinburgh later this year.

Anthony Nixon, founder of the concept, argues, “You’ve got Generation Z, which is a demographic of 16 to 22-year-olds who are steering away from alcohol. You’ve got to find more innovative ways to pull those people in and keep them in the pub. The emphasis on drinking has shifted a bit for them, they just want to do more, different, stuff so we’re trying to target them.”

While some of these options may seem a little far off for your business, it’s still worth getting a sense of how pubs and bars are embracing technology and how you could introduce some of these ideas in the future! And if you're looking for additional funding in support of your technological growth, why not check out Liberis' cash advance - a simple, flexible solution to funding your business in line with your cashflow!

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