How To Maximise Sports Events For Your Pub / Bar Business

How To Maximise Sports Events

Sports and beer go hand in hand. Whether it’s the Champion’s League final or simply the away game you couldn’t take the time off work to attend, pubs and bars are lucrative for showing the latest in games, racing and televised events from across the globe. And offering that all important atmosphere.

So, why not make it equally lucrative for your business? By maximising on 2019’s sports calendar you can easily make an extra buck from those fans who just want to neck a cold one, while watching their favourite players battle it out for cup and glory. Here’s a few tips and tricks on how to get started:


Know The Score

Sports Bar

A simple way to share that your pub or bar will be showing the latest in televised sports events is by setting up a chalkboard of match times outside your premises. But how about going a little deeper?

Get familiar with coming of events or tournaments ahead of time, so you can plan out any special deals, decorations and a more integrated marketing strategy before the season begins. Besides the use of chalkboards, it can be worth investing in banners or flags and, of course, the all important social media. Yes, it may seem incredulous to believe that a traditional pub might utilise a Facebook and/or Twitter mantle, but this IS the 21st century . . . time to get online!



If you really want to get your business in the game, why not pair up with MatchPint! Labelled as the app “that makes sure you never miss a moment of sporting action” MatchPint is a revolutionary website / app that lists pubs and bars that are showing specific fixtures nearby – maximising events for you and your customers combined.

It’s a free to use tool of endorsement that businesses can use to attract large numbers of users from in and around your local area. All you need to do is get in touch via email and viola! Your business will be listed amongst the array of great places to watch the game, while offering up a few bevs in the process. They do the work; you take the profit. Game, set and match.


Lean In To The Heart Of The Fandom

Sports Fans

Fans make the game. Whether it’s football, rugby or even darts, as without the fans, the events would be just a bunch of fit people running around kicking balls or swinging clubs. So to truly serve them as a venue, it’s time to get involved!

Learn the ins and outs of your local teams and make sure to satiate the minutia of said teams by leaning in to the fandom. Put up team specific banners and other sports-centric memorabilia in order to cement your loyalty to the locals and establish your business as part of the culture. We’re talking local kits, signed pictures, scarves, sweepstakes, the whole shebang! After all, it’ll be the fans buying the rounds anyway.


Take A Seat

When it comes to seating and space, sporting fans typically aren’t too fickle. But of course, it’ll depend on the nature of the game; sometimes a bunch of tables and chairs is all you’ll need, but other times you may need to shift furniture around if you’re going to fit the crowds in!

If you have the means (and the space) you could also think about taking things outside with a projector screen and marquee; this can work particularly well for summer sports such as the FIFA World Cup or Wimbledon tennis tournament.


Finding The Funds

Business Funds

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