How To Make Your Pop-Up Stores Pop And Your Food Trucks . . . Food?

Pop Up Shops and Food Trucks

Pop-up stores and food trucks have become so prevalent in the UK over the last few years that it might even be considered hipster to go to an actual restaurant (only kidding).

Seriously though, UN-FAO statistics claim that street food is now eaten by an estimated 2.5 billion people worldwide and had some 2,800 members with over 7,000 units serving food across the UK as of 2015. That’s insane! And a clear indication of the huge market of independent sellers making their way by making their way across the country, selling their unique goods to those in support of small businesses.

And so this week we’re covering some tips and tricks on how best to make your pop-up stores pop and your food trucks favoured in a world so spun by convenience and online capability.


This Little Business Went To Market

Market Stall

A pretty obvious suggestion to those already in the business of food truckin’, but a great way of gaining attraction for your pop-up store, is to keep it on the move. The idea of traveling around the country, popping up here and there to sell your unique goods is as romantic as it is prosperous and could do heaps for your company’s awareness – particularly if you’re hitting the main hotspots where your types of customer are based.

So whether you’re an independent organic healthcare business or a cook who wants to travel to LA selling Cuban cuisine as bonding experience for him and his son (wait, isn’t that a movie?), the profits are out there. You just need a set of wheels, or a stall at local food festival or craft fair.

For a little more on travelling small businesses – and a great watch too – check out Chef, a quaint indie gem for those looking for the inspiration to take that first step into the world of mobile merchantry. Check out the trailer here:


Get On The Grid: Digital

Now you’ve got your wheels, your buddy sales assistant and a full tank of gas, it looks like you’re ready to go! But hold your horses, as in this digital day and age it’s always better to have an integrated online presence and strategy before hitting the road, especially if you’re looking to build your brand.

So set up a few social media channels before you go – Facebook and Instagram can be great for gathering location tags, and Twitter best for spreading the word on a broad and rapid scale – an up to date website, and even a blog to record your adventure selling on the fly. Slap the addresses on a snazzy looking loyalty / business card and voilà, that’s an integrated loyalty scheme, a developing online presence and the possibility that your customers might share the info with their friends, both online and off.


The Best Things In Life Are Free?


Everyone loves a sample! And being an independent pop-up store or food truck, you’ve got the added benefit of having something unique and homemade that will be new to a lot of people. If you're in stationary, give out a free pen with anyone’s first purchase; if you’re in tea, make ‘em a cuppa; or if you’re in scented candles, then give them a candle (a small one, like one of the one’s you’d find on a birthday cake. Only yours smell like fresh cut roses).

If it’s your first time setting up shop, you could also think about giving out coupons to encourage customer retention, and maybe their friends too if you slap on a “bring a friend and receive a discount” type deal. Imagination is key when setting the stage for your aspiring independent pop-up store/food truck.

All in all, just make it unique. Otherwise, what’s the point?

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