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5 Tech Talkers You Should be Following

11 September 2017
3 minute read

It’s no secret that technology is developing faster now than ever. And there’s always a new app or trend, update or upgrade to catch up with. It can be overwhelming! That's why we've put together this list of just five of our favourite tech Tweeters that you should be following to stay up to date - and entertained!

Holly Brockwell | @holly

Holly - just @holly - is the founder of tech and lifestyle blog, Gadgette; a project launched in 2015 to increase the visibility of women in tech media. As product of such, Holly won Woman of the Year later that year, and has continued to share her thoughts on technology and the modern world ever since. She can now be found everywhere from YouTube to The Guardian to BBC, and even in the ads for Twitter!

She tweets about articles - such as product/software reviews and commentary - and women focused tech-pieces, as well as witty remarks about life.

Mike Butcher | @mikebutcher

Mike Butcher is not only the editor of TechCrunch Europe, but also a driving contributor to TechHub - a project working to bring European technology entrepreneurs and investors together.

He has written for the likes of The Financial Times, The Guardian, and The Daily Telegraph; and has spent the best of the last 20 years launching and re-launching numerous media websites - leading him to be voted one of the 100 Innovators of the UK Internet Decade by Gfk NOP, one of the largest research businesses in the world.

Mike tweets about news commentary, TechCrunch updates and technology events and conferences.

Jennifer Harrison | @geneticjen

Jennifer Harrison is coder and journalist, as seen in publications such as TechRadar and Buzzfeed. As well as putting her words onto paper, Jennifer also appears as a speaker on science and technology and has featured at Edinburgh International Science Festival, British Science Week, and Winchester Science Festival - to name just a few.

She was the first person to ever tweet an entire genome too! Check out her feed for more.

Mustafa Al-Bassam | @musalbas

Mustafa is an expert in all things cyber-security and hacking. He’s an information security advisor at Secure Trading, a multi-channel payment gateway provider, and a doctoral researcher at the Department of Computer Science at University College London.

But that doesn’t mean his content isn’t upbeat as the rest - if not more! Mustafa’s tweets consist of a wholesome mix of serious fact and figures, and light humour and images. Follow him for the latest in hacking news, security updates, and Bitcoin comments.

Alex Hern | @alexhern

Alex Hern is a technology features writer at The Guardian - and somewhat of a Twitter comedian too! His tweets do stem from a commentary on tech, but often stream into pop culture, politics, and music as well.

To demonstrate: he recently created a thread with useful notes on Twitter’s updated terms of service, and also a handful of tweets comparing Apple emoji to Android. Check him out!

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