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25 October 2018
3 minute read

Simon Jenner

Whether you’re an Oxford graduate or a start-up, do-it-yourself entrepreneur, everyone can benefit from enhancing their skills as professional business owners. And, ever since the advent of the internet, it’s become increasingly easy to get online, get learning and garner the skills necessary to enable good business practice, great marketing and a successful enterprise to boot.

This week we’re discussing a few of the best online tools you can use to become the best business you can be . . .


First up, there’s Lynda, “a leading online learning platform that helps anyone learn business, software, technology and creative skills to achieve personal and professional goals”. Promoting self-discipline over force-fed education, Lynda offer almost 6000 courses that vary from business marketing to creative skills within the industry.

With an emphasis on inclusivity, Lynda have helped support students and project managers alike, and for 20 years have offered the best in skill sharing. From only £24.98 a month, or £19 if you pay annually, there’s no better time to learn from the best about being your best. They even have a 1-month free trial if you’re a little apprehensive.


Speaking of skill sharing, Skillshare is an online learning community for people who want to learn from educational videos. Offering over 23,000 online classes that vary from entrepreneurship to design and technology, Skillshare is a melting pot brimming with ideas and methods to help bolster your business and to give it that personal creative buzz that independent stores relish so fervently.

Focusing on “interaction rather than lecturing”, Skillshare work to keep the learning at your own pace, delivering high quality content that is both accessible and beneficial, “with the primary goal of learning by completing a project”. Sharing is caring, and it’s only £13 a month, £7 if you pay annually.

General Assembly

“[A] pioneer in education and career transformation”, General Assembly is another highly coveted website that provides great learning for those that want to better their skills. Whether it’s in coding, data analytics, or just website development, General Assembly offer myriad ways in which to transcend your business to the best version of itself. “[S]pecializing in today’s most in-demand skills”, with campuses based in 20 cities worldwide and over 35,000 satisfied customers, General Assembly have what you need to make your business great. An award-winning company, and one that offers various free online courses to boot. Entrepreneurs, ASSEMBLE.

As always if any of these tools and/or courses seem too much buck for your budget, don’t refrain, but perhaps consider applying for Liberis’ fantastic business cash advance to cover the costs. That way we can help you help yourself and your team advance to better heights and a better business overall.

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