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How National Apprenticeship Week Can Benefit Your Business

10 February 2020
4 minute read

Simon Jenner

National Apprenticeship Week is the foremost celebration of apprenticeships, entrepreneurial nourshishmet and job opportunities in the UK. Taking place between 3 to 9 of February 2020, the week is set for the apprenticeship community to support budding employees with numerous events/talks/Q&As from current and past apprentices, to relay the impact of apprentices on a small to medium sized business, and to celebrate the positive effect of apprenticeships on individuals, employers and the economy.  
Councillor Sean Fielding, Leader of Oldham Council and GMCA lead for Education and Skills stated in 2019 that ​“[h]istorically, around 80% of apprenticeship opportunities were with small-to-medium enterprises, benefiting apprentices and employers alike.”​ And we’re here to help you hit that benefits head on, with these three tips on how to benefit your business during this year’s National Apprenticeship Week. 
Be Our Guest 
The theme of this year’s National Apprenticeship Week is ‘Making Impact’ - presenting how effective such schemes are for both business and employees - proving national commitment to the celebration of apprenticeships and attracting young entrepreneurs to the prospect of apprenticing. Putting on events, talks, Q&As and other presentations from past and present apprentices is a great way of opening up your business to the possibility of present or future schemes, while enticing budding business persons to the idea of apprenticing for you.

Fielding insists that ​“[committing] to supporting small businesses to [grow the] scale of apprenticeship opportunities, not only [gives] local people employment opportunities, but also [gives] employers the tools to shape the skilled and talented workforce they need to thrive."​ So get to it and use your capabilities to teach, employ and garner future apprentices, and by doing so, implore them to train with you. It’s a win win, teaching wanting workers to succeed in your trade while ensuring impactful employment in the process. 
Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham states that ​“[s]mall businesses are the backbone of our local economy, representing two-thirds of Greater Manchester’s business community.”​ This is largely the same for the rest of the UK and numbers seem to be on the rise as, according to national statistics,​ ​there were 311,200 apprenticeship starts reported in the first three quarters of the 2018/19 academic year, an increase of 7.1 per cent from 290,500 reported at this time in 2017/18.​ That’s a pretty large sum of potential employees and a huge issue of funding for many SMEs. 
In order to provide great experience and education for these budding entrepreneurs, it’s a good idea to seek out external funding. A little extra cash to help support apprenticeship schemes and the like. Governmental spending goes a long way in providing extra support for those looking to hire/train employees in apprenticeship schemes but it’s never a bad idea to look at other sources of finance. 
Liberis finance is a specialist in small business funding, that knows how best to support your business without asking for the money back until you start making profit. Ensuring that your business exceeds its potential and then taking back little by little, through your customer card transactions. You’ll never be out of pocket and your apprenticeships will be justly satisfied. 
Get Social 
Finally, a quick, easy and largely inexpensive route to benefit from National Apprenticeship Week is to let the people know about it through online avenues such as Social Media. Head to your your Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter to promote events in which your business is set to partake in/put on, share newly listed placements and offers, and while you’re at it, give examples of the benefits of apprenticeship schemes for both business and employee.  
Be transparent about why you love the idea of apprenticeships and swarms of prospective entrepreneurs will come flocking to your doorstep! 

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