COVID-19: Business as (un)usual

Mobile Marketing For Delivery & Takeaway Businesses During COVID-19

17 April 2020
4 minute read

Emma McCarthy

In recent year, mobile marketing has become an important acquisition and retention tool, but it may have become more of a necessity in your promotion strategy now as a result of COVID-19 changes, most notably within the food delivery and takeaway services industry.  

From larger companies like Domino’s to small local restaurants and cafés, mobile marketing is at the forefront of marketing strategies in 2020.  It might seem like a daunting prospect, but it’s never been easier to adapt your digital efforts for different devices. We have put together three important pieces that you should consider when developing your strategy. 

Create a mobile friendly site 

The first important element of mobile marketing is ensuring that your website is mobile friendly. Most website platforms provide templates that are mobile optimised, but it’s a good idea to check your website on several different devices to make sure that everything is running smoothly. You can also use the Google mobile friendly tool to check your websites responsiveness to different device screen sizes. 

Keeping your website content short and relevant to the current situation, while also using responsive design so that it automatically adjusts to different screen sizes is crucial. Using high definition imagery of your takeaway / delivery products will give your potential customers a better idea of what they can get and will give them greater confidence in purchasing from you, when you have a professional looking website. 

Be exclusive 

Offer exclusive deals for customers via SMS, email, or other digital methods. For example, offering lunch deals, weekend deals or payday deals will be a nice perk for customers during isolation. A good way to get customers to open promotional messages is by reinforcing the fact that these offers are exclusive to them (e.g. only for email recipients).  

If you don’t already have one, you could also use this time to introduce a referral program (Refer a friend), where both parties will benefit from the offer, while also giving you a whole new audience to market to. 

Get social 

Social media and more specifically photo sharing platforms such as Instagram are a great way to promote your takeaway right now. Utilise these platforms to not only showcase your products, but to show the personality of your brand and business. For example, introducing staff members puts a face to the brand and makes the interaction immediately more personal for customers. 

By providing tutorials for simple dishes that customers can recreate at home or showcasing user-generated content like customer testimonials, you are further instilling confidence in your product and business and will attract customers to your services. 

Instagram offers some great insights into the food and drinks industry on their platform so that businesses can better understand their target market and what to post. 
For more information on takeaway services during COVID-19 for operators and customers, including food hygiene, the UK government have multiple resources available here. You can also find guidance from third party sources here. If you are looking for guidance in setting up your restaurant or café as a takeaway service, we have a blog covering this in detail here

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COVID-19: Business as (un)usual

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COVID-19: Business as (un)usual

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