Liberis To Offer Customers Rewards For Refinancing

24 September 2018
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Emma Doyle

Some businesses only give their new customers the best offers and deals, but here at Liberis we want to reward our existing customers too. So say hello to Liberis Rewards, our new drive to help even more businesses thrive.

The Refinance Reward

Our first offering is the Refinance Reward, which is focused on rewarding those who invest in their business long-term. Liberis are supporting this long-term development by giving our customers an incremental reduction on their price, each time they refinance.

So how does it work?

Refinance Reward

Let’s run through an example: say you take a Business Cash Advance of £10,000, for instance, based on our intelligent pricing your cost of finance may be £2,000 (20% rate). So your total repayment balance will be £12,000.

With our new Refinance Reward, when you’re ready to top up you could take out the same £10,000 Business Cash Advance, but now with a 1% discount on your price! Leaving you with a cost of finance of £1,900 (19% rate), and a saving of £100!

And it doesn’t end there, as an incremental 1% reduction will then apply to your price each time you refinance with us. 

What does this mean for your business?

Whilst you will still be able to finance your business with Liberis as simply and flexibly as always, with our Refinance Reward you’ll be able to access much better rates the longer you stay with us - leaving you with more funds to invest in your business and customers!

Alex Ivison, Director of Risk & Analytics at Liberis says: “At Liberis we feel it is really important to help the UK’s small businesses especially in these times of uncertainty, so whilst many other funders are raising their prices on the back of the recent base rate rise we’re proud that Liberis will buck this trend and reduce the prices of our refinancing for our customers with our new Refinance Reward.”

We’re dedicated to supporting your business growth so, as always, we will be in touch when we can offer you another Business Cash Advance - and to show you exactly how the Refinance Reward will work for you. If you would like to discuss your options sooner, please give us a call on 0303 313 0070.

Please note: Customers may receive a maximum of 5% discount. In other words, after refinancing 5 times your cost of finance will not further reduce as a result of the Refinance Reward. The Refinance Reward discount is also subject to a factor rate floor; this means that the reward cannot be used to take a refinance price below our minimum factor rates.

Next Steps

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