How To Maintain Footfall, No Matter The Forecast

Combating The Weather

“When all is said and done, the weather and love are the two elements about which one can never be sure” - Alice Hoffman, Author.

Although poetic in tone, Hoffman’s romantic view of the weather and love is not dissimilar from the way in which many business owners should try and combat the everchanging climate this season: with love. Whether running a dainty café or pub by the river or following your passion with an independent food truck, the weather can significantly impact your day to day sales.

Here are just a few ways you can maintain footfall no matter the forecast:


Getting Cosy for Pubs, Cafes and Bars

Pub Gardens

Any British pub-goer will tell you of the importance of outside heating. It’s a well-known stereotype that the UK can be dreary and cold, with high volumes of rainfall and copious amounts of moans and groans from its surrounding citizens. Therefore, make it so there’s nothing to moan about!

Install outside heaters that customers can operate with the flick of a switch or the wave of a hand. Be strict on health and safety when it comes to gas heaters vs. electric heaters, and make sure any large, hot appliances are installed securely. If you need help compensating the costs of outdoor heating check out Liberis’ flexible funding via the Business Cash Advance. This is a simple finance solution which allows you to get a fair single price based on the potential of your business, with no APR or harsh varying terms. Ever.


Food Trucks, Your Table Is Ready

Food Trucks

Food trucks are a romantic ideal that vary from cheap, motorway butty stops to exuberant, vegan falafel palaces on wheels. Either way, every food truck owner should be prepared for what the weather forecast has on the menu!

An easy way to combat the oncoming precipitation (it’s the UK . . . it’s going to rain) is by attaching suitable covers to shelter your customers whilst they queue. Maybe even set up an area for them to sit and dine by situating a snazzy canopy next to your vehicle. Perhaps not quite as suited for those aforementioned motorway stops but everyone needs a break, don’t they?


Something A Little Different . . . I’m On A Boat!

Restaurant Tips

This is pretty self-explanatory really, but when running a nautical restaurant / café / bar make sure to keep your customers in good spirits. After all, when aboard a boat, they can’t simply exit and find another nearby establishment with a better shelter and heating arrangement! Combine both notions as above, not only to protect said customers but to protect the state of your boat too (a wet deck is hazardous).

In the interest of passenger safety, refrain from using electricity unless you can ensure a zero-hazard policy. Instead invest in blankets and pillows to create a comfy environment for your establishment, while giving your customers the ability to shield themselves from the cold if needs be.

And remember, if any of this exceeds your businesses budget, consider taking a Business Cash Advance out with Liberis. Here we offer a unique repayment system that takes only a small percentage of your credit card transactions, so the payments take care of themselves. Easy as pie . . . if pie was an accessible funding solution with flexible repayment options.

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