COVID-19: Business as (un)usual

Convert Your Business Into A Food Delivery Service

08 April 2020
3 minute read

Emma McCarthy

With the ever-changing environment that the world now faces as a result of COVID-19, businesses need to adapt quickly. In particular, the hospitality industry has taken a massive hit and with many closures taking place, it’s important to find alternative options to remain in operation.  
If you are a business that serves food but have not yet explored the possibility of takeaway deliveries, there are three options that could help you and your business through this current time. We are focusing on three of the most popular food delivery services in the UK to get you started. 

Just Eat  

Just Eat has announced a number of initiatives in a bid to help small businesses during these unprecedented times. It has waived sign-on fees for their services for new restaurants, as well as temporarily waiving its 14% charge for processing orders and offering independent businesses a 33% rebate on delivery commission charges. These changes are expected to help businesses who are new to food delivery get set up more efficiently.  

Sign up to be a Just Eat restaurant partner here.    


Deliveroo is helping businesses during this difficult time by selling takeaway packaging, with a reduced rate being offered currently. To help small businesses keep on top of their cashflow more effectively, Deliveroo is changing the payment schedule as of 1st April 2020, moving from bi-monthly payments, to daily payments. The Deliveroo website also offers useful articles with advice and guidelines for new takeaway providers on converting their premises into best practice delivery-only options.  

To join the Deliveroo restaurant partner team, find more information here.  

Uber Eats  

To help businesses navigate through this time, Uber Eats has waived its registration activation fees along with delivery fees on their platform for any new businesses signing up. They also provide great guidance to restaurants with their useful community guidelines to ensure the utmost safety for takeaway staff, couriers and customers.  

Interested in signing up to be an Uber Eats restaurant partner? Visit here.

If you are looking for ways to encourage your customers to support your business, take a look at our blog which has some great tips.  

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COVID-19: Business as (un)usual

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COVID-19: Business as (un)usual

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COVID-19: Business as (un)usual

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