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How To Prepare Your Small Business For The Festival Season

05 June 2019
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Simon Jenner

Summer is here . . . sort of. Amidst the irregular rainfall, the smell of fresh cut grass and the return of everyone’s sniffly companion, hay fever, the sun is out! And hopefully it’s here to stay for the next few months.

British summertime is ripe with festivals situated all over the UK. Whether it’s the music and mud of Glastonbury or the champagne socialism of Wilderness, Britons are fuelled by a love of entertainment, alcohol and the obligation to soak up every last morsel of sunshine before it leaves our shores for another year. This is a prime time for small businesses to reap the rewards of such frivolities by setting up pop-up stands, trying out fresh summertime events and/or capitalising on the needs of those who dare venture to a muddy field to spend their warm weekends in a tent . . . or passed out on a haybale.

Pop Down And Pop-Up

Last week we discussed just how to make your pop-up stores pop, and festivals of all sizes are a fantastic location to exercise all those great tips and more!

Independent traders can thrive among the swarms of festival goers who want to get their hands on some unique souvenirs or festival gear. So if your business is lucky enough to secure a spot on the retail / F&B line up, make sure to make the most of it! Offering your products for those party people who forgot to bring a six-pack of baked beans, or for those who can’t work out how to use that new camp stove Uncle Jack gave them for Christmas. Maximise sales with special festival deals and, of course, word of mouth.

All the better if you’re an independent clothing brand as festivals do tend to bring the ‘hippie’ out in people. Finally, a chance to sell all those flowery shirts that most people would deem out of season indefinitely.

Playing The Field

If you’re an outdoor gear company, offer discount on the most suitable tents for festivals, while dishing out advice on how best to erect them in the pouring rain – and most importantly, how to take them down too. You could also create bundles of festival gear including travel soaps, anti-bacterial hand gel, outdoor chairs, and rain ponchos for instance.

If the customer buys multiple products for a group experience, you could consider supplementing them with a voucher for a free massage at the festival spa or free entry into the arts and crafts tent. Offer offer offer! After all, summer only comes once per year.

The Needs Of The Many

Back to basics for this one . . . the basics of summer preparation and protection! Including all things hay fever, insect bites and sunburn.

If you’re in health and beauty, this is your chance to get those essentials – antihistamines, sun cream, tissues, insect repellent, etc – to the very front of your store. You could even run discounts on these items for the season. This way you’re climatizing on the needs of the many while ensuring the profitability of the few (you). Slap a collection of these things together and bang, that’s a certain seller for summer. Call it ‘The Festival Survival Kit’, ‘The Summertime Madness Selection’ or something completely different!

Looking Local

Thinking a little smaller, the British summer is a time to relish in the warmth of friendship, the smoky smell of the barbeque and the knowledge that it’ll stay light until late each and every day. For the next few months at least.

Utilise this yearning to go outside to promote your business through some local summertime events – whether that’s a county fair, local arts and crafts fete, or farmers market. Partnering up with a local festival allows you to try something new for your business, whilst likely engaging with some of your existing customer base too for a little extra security.

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