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Government advice: How to reopen your small business

26 May 2020
3 minute read

Jhanvi Gudka

This week Boris Johnson announced that all non-essential shops including food retailers, fashion shops, gift shops and similar, will be able to open from 15th June onwards, on the condition that the fight against Covid-19 progresses as hoped. The Government has since published some advice for small business owners on what they need to consider before reopening.

The full guidance can be found here and includes a huge amount of detail ranging from who the guidance applies to, who should go to work and how to social distance at work, to cleaning the workplace and work-related travel. The full guidance is worth reading and includes lots of practical advice, but to save you time we have highlighted three key points in this blog post to help you prepare for safe working conditions when you reopen. 

  • Manage risk effectively: This means encouraging frequent handwashing, increasing the number of times surfaces are cleaned, use side-to-side working rather than face-to-face where possible, provide personal protective equipment and reduce the number of people your employees have contact with.  
  • Maintain social distancing: Observe 2m social distancing wherever possible – including travelling to and from work. You may want to consider staggering arrival and departure times for employees. The guidance also recommends using one-way flows at entry and exit points. Where social distancing can’t be maintained, consider if the activity needs to continue.  
  • Communication is key: Use simple messaging and images to communicate the new guidelines and don’t forget to be aware of any mental health concerns that may have heightened in times of uncertainty. There is more advice on this from the Government here.  

We hope this helps and as always, our friendly agents are able to answer questions you have.  

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