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How to host a small business Christmas Party

30 November 2018
4 minute read

Alex Woods

As all business owners should know, life can’t be all work and no play. And the one time of year that calls for a party is, of course, the festive season.

According to statistics 86% of organisations host a Christmas party each year with over half of UK companies setting budget aside for the event. As well as providing your employees with a well-deserved party, it’s also a chance to celebrate all of your company’s success from the year just gone while bringing everyone together in a more informal environment!

However, for many small businesses, putting on a Christmas event or party not only requires budget and resource but also a little imagination, especially when catering for a small number of employees. With this in mind we’ve put together a few tips to help your small business throw the perfect Christmas party this year!

The More The Merrier

If you've got a smaller team, it could be worth having a shared party – either with another business (neighbouring businesses for example) or any business contacts or individuals that you may know. As well as the obvious benefits such as being able to get a bigger and better venue, and taking a little financial pressure off your shoulders, there are also many other opportunities that can be created by hosting your party this way. One of these include the chance for your employees to network with other businesses and chat to new people in a more relaxed and casual environment. This could also be an opportunity to informally showcase products and services or take this as a chance to knowledge share and make some valuable connections. Finally, it’s a great way of making your employees feel like part of a bigger picture in the most collaborative way!

House Party!

According to statistics, Christmas parties are costing employers a substantial £42.48 per head, with London based organisations spending £56.49 per employee. For some small businesses this just won’t be feasible which is why it could be worth considering hosting your party in-house. After all, this frees up more funds for food, drink and entertainment and is an opportunity to give employees control over what they want to get out of the event.

For example, you could appoint a social committee to help organise the party and send out surveys to let your employees decide on what they would like. They can then get to work on making use of the space (this will depend on your premises), preparing games and quizzes, and sorting out any food and drink. Plus, having a DIY theme can actually be quite a fun way to bring everyone together!

Let The Games Begin

If you’re keen to step away from a traditional Christmas party format then how about trying something a little bit different with a team bonding day or a fun activity to do in-house? Some of these could include escape rooms, crazy golf, themed workshops or a scavenger hunt! These are a great way to get your employees out of their comfort zone and allows them to work on skills that they don’t use every day. It also gives them a chance to problem solve, participate in team work and bond with their co-workers - an especially beneficial activity for new starters! For more ideas check out Design My Night which has a list of fun activities in your area and is sure to give you plenty of ideas!

Extend The Party Season

While it may seem ridiculous to host a Christmas party outside of the month of December, more and more companies are actually embracing this idea. After the hectic Christmas period, employees will be feeling relaxed, recharged and ready for the year ahead – plus their diaries won’t be filled up with a bunch of festive events!

This is also a great opportunity to take advantage of cheaper venues and events packages; which is especially true in January when lots of restaurants, bars and venues offer as much as 50% off food, drinks and entertainment. That means a bigger and better party for only a fraction of the cost. Plus it gives your employees something to look forward to once they get back from the Christmas break!

So now you have some ideas on how you can host a Christmas party for your small business, it’s time to get planning!

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