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How to beat the January Blues

21 January 2019
3 minute read

Simon Jenner

The beginning of a new year can be a mixed bag of emotions for many a weary soul. Whether you’ve filled up on festive foods or perhaps partaken in five drinks too many, the post-Christmas vibes can leave people feeling a little down-and-out, especially after relishing the comforts of the holiday break.

And the same can easily translate to small businesses, as both your employees and customers alike may be feeling the aching blues of January. But, as business leaders, it’s your job, your prerogative, to make the start of the new year a plentiful and encouraging foundation for the months ahead. Whether in employee motivation, customer concern, or the flaunting of new and old goods, the new year is great opportunity to establish a great wealth of support and opportunities for your business. New year, new you.

It’s a popular myth that the festive break will leave your employees feeling rested and ready for the year ahead. In fact, statistics show that 60% of employees feel the want to leave their jobs at the start of January. So, what can team leaders do to make their employees employment all the more enticing and fathomable, even when all seems drab and uninspiring?

Employees: Get Inspired (Get Inspiring)!


Maintaining the hype is key to a successful start to a new year. Keeping morality strong and business ideals focused can be a sure-fire way to keeping your employees engaged. So, provide them with guidance as to how they can progress, while giving them positive feedback about the year just passed (no one likes to start the year feeling bad about the last).

Assign new responsibilities for your colleagues, giving them fresh and exciting things to do that won’t have them resenting the monotonous tasks they’ve done over the past few months. Keep an eye on their well-being. If your employees feel a little underappreciated or vulnerable after the festive period, give them some encouragement and make it your priority to get them back on their feet. After all, a healthy employee is a prosperous team member for any and all businesses.

Customers: In-store Events

January Sale

Although the Christmas season is well and truly over (sorry to announce the inevitable) the frivolities need not come to an end entirely. Use the opening weeks of the new year to entice customers back into your store by creating events which flaunt the excellent materials and/or services that your business has to offer. Put on a New Year sale, exposing the goods that didn’t sell all too well in the previous year – use it as an opportunity to clear out your stock, while making a quick buck in the process.

Bringing in the new year can also mean bringing in a whole bunch of exciting new goods to put on display. Take this as an opportunity to parade your new intake and prove to customers, and your employees alike, that your business is as everchanging as the seasons – never static or monotonous.

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