How Technology Can Accelerate Growth For Young Businesses

How Tech Can Grow Your Business

Technology is changing every aspect of our lives - and particularly the way businesses are operating. With support from new equipment, software and processes, young businesses can grow much quicker now than ever before – harnessing the power to sell products efficiently and cater to evolving customer demand with little hassle.

Let’s take a closer look at the ways technology is developing growth opportunities for young businesses.

Customer Segmentation

Thanks to ever-expanding and increasingly accessible analytics services, it’s now easier than ever to understand exactly what your customers are looking for. With a simple Google account attached to your business’ site, you can see where your customers are from, what sort of browsers they’re using, how they found your website, how long they stay on your site and what they’re looking at. This in-depth service allows you refine your sales processes and improve your brand image too.

Mobile Solutions

Nearly every aspect of your business can now be handled from your mobile phone or tablet – provided you have the right software. From your website, business blog and customer relations right through to shipping and invoicing - it can all be dealt with at the click of a button!

And the same boost in mobile business applies to your customers too. and more people are using a mobile device to shop online and find businesses; as well as sharing their retail experiences with friends, family and strangers through social media and review sites everyday. Make sure your company is registered with Google My Business, and has an active online presence to stay involved!

Social Networking and Reviews

Whilst social media presents great opportunity for your business to connect with customers, share company news and engage in local discussion; opening your business up in a public forum such as Facebook or Twitter does have its risks. Primarily, the chance to receive a very public ‘okay’ customer service review.

What goes on the internet tends to stay on the internet, and it’ll have the potential to be seen by thousands of viewers! So, if you receive bad reviews these will stick around for some time. Be aware of the power of social media networking - project a positive image, reach out to customers in the right way and deal promptly with any complaints or queries.

Decreasing Costs and Increasing Functionality

Hardware and software solutions for many businesses have become increasingly easy to use and affordable as technology has developed. Solutions such as POS are making the lives of retailers, merchants and restaurateurs a lot easier, with more traditional cash registers that aid you with sales, inventory management, analytics reporting and employee management all in one. This makes it a lot easier for employees and business owners to operate a more efficient system and keep track of sales.


Technology has increased the ease with which we can all stay in touch and connect with one another, whether that’s friends or family, employees or customers. For instance, you can now send promotional emails or text messages to your entire customer database in a matter of seconds! The rise of technology has aided the efficiency of communication perhaps most significantly of all.

Thanks to increasing awareness of its benefits and support for customer demand, the rise of technology is likely to grow even more prominent and prevalent in the next few years. Businesses that take advantage of this movement will have the opportunity to grow further and faster than ever before!


About The Author

Chelsea Ellsworth is an experienced and enthusiastic freelance writer who has written for a variety of online publications and magazines. Chelsea is passionate about creating interesting and engaging articles, specialising in business and emerging technology related content.

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