5 Tips To Make Your Automotive Business Stand Out

Automotive Tips

The automotive business is as expansive as it is driven, and with over 3,000 companies involved in the UK’s sector alone, it can be a difficult feat to stand out amongst the masses. That’s why this week we’re discussing how best to project your particular business amidst an array of luxury car manufacturers - Bentley, Jaguar Land Rover, Rolls-Royce – and the equipment makers that co-exist and co-depend on such affluent companies.

Ranging from in-house events and educational content to simply getting your business noticed on social media, here are five tips for getting your automotive business the awareness it deserves.


Get Social

The digital age of cookies and content is indefinitely upon us, even to the extent where my mum obsessively counts the likes on every family photo she posts to Facebook - “Yes, Mum, fifteen likes in two days means it’s gone viral.”

This wave of connectivity is a prime place for any business to get noticed by a massive sphere of potential customers. It’s estimated that around 2.77 billion people around the globe are using social media in 2019. That’s over a third of the world’s population and a hefty number of potential buyers to boot. So, get online, and connect with your target audience the best way possible – through memes and media. Here’s how!


Eventful Tidings

Automotive Tips

There’s nothing better than an exciting, inciting in-store event to get those automotive wheels rolling and customers beckoning at your door step. Utilise your knowledge of the sector and create limited training sessions for basic automobile care while offering special promotions concurrently. Showing customers how to use your wares and then selling them at discount. It’s a no brainer! And you can even promote said events on social media for maximum engagement.


Educational Expertise

Along with the power that comes with a budding online content strategy, comes great responsibility. So, while posting content and ads to promote your automotive business, consider getting a little sophisticated by creating educational posts regarding your wares and features. By proving your expertise through educational posts, videos and podcasts, you can create brand trust, support budding entrepreneurs in the automotive sector, and increase your online profile in the process. It’s a win-win situation, and one that can truly optimise your content strategy, especially when integrated with something as widespread as social media.


See Through The Blog

Automotive Tips

Why not push your online content that little bit further and create a fancy blog for your automotive business? Covering all things car advice, to new models, to the best in-car air freshener on the market. The possibilities are vast and with a little creativity, your blog could be the next Top Gear . . . only without the bad teeth and problematic notions of truck drivers.


Local Loyalty

After all this talk of online content, social media and the feats we must take to get noticed on the internet it’s time we take it back a notch and revel in the niceties of local sponsorship. Be like the big leagues and promote your business by sponsoring local sports teams, school events and charitable occasions. Slap your name on a school sports day in aid of a local charity and boom, that’s brand awareness, local affirmation and proof that your company is run by human beings, not corporate goblins.


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