Go Green: Eco-Friendly Business Tips 2019

Go Green Tips

The ecological desecration of our planet has become an out and out global crisis. As the population continues to grow, our usage of unsustainable materials flexes in tandem; and so it’s become a moral necessity to govern the amount of waste we produce in order to achieve sustainability.

A study in 2018 estimated that around eight million metric tons of our plastic waste enters the ocean each year. This is an indefensible amount of harmful material for our oceans and the creatures who inhabit it.

And so many businesses, both large and small, are attempting to alter the volumes of waste they produce in order to save energy, money and life - while subsequently improving customer perception in the process! Unsure how? Then be sure to read on for some top tips on how to improve your business’ environmental impact and image.


Proper Packaging


Reducing the amount of wasteful material used to package your goods is a sure-fire way to lower your carbon footprint as well as to increase your overall profit margin. Avoiding plastics made from polyethylene and other materials such as styrofoam and polystyrene will make a huge difference to the volume of waste generated by your business. Not to mention lessening the usage of fossil fuel energy and non-recyclable materials – such as packing peanuts, bubble wrap and chemical containers – which will both reduce the expenditure of your business and damage caused during the manufacturing process of these materials.

Using more environmentally friendly packaging - such as biodegradable or plant-based plastics - and switching to alternative energy sources can be a great start to going green and minimising waste. And setting a positive example of eco-friendly practice for your customers too!


Local Love


Utilising local modes of transportation to purchase and deliver your goods can be an energy-saving and largely advantageous route to a reciprocal business relationship – saving fuel, time and money!

Buying locally sourced goods can also reduce your carbon cost and help benefit smaller, independent businesses that perhaps don’t have the reach of larger, more conglomerate corporations. Whether you're in foodstuffs, health and beauty, clothing, or are just looking for a delivery service closer to home. Go local and give a little love back to your community.


Customer Collaboration


Being an eco-friendly business doesn’t simply mean to be as waste-reducing as possible but to incentivise others to do the same. Being an open advocate for environmental betterment can be a great way to interact with your customers and hopefully educate them in the process. Offering reusable cups, canvas bags and other reusable modes of packaging can not only inform your customers of the benefits of using sustainable products but can also encourage them to come back for more. Thereby, motivating retentive customers, through reusable means.


If you want to pursue any of these methods, or would like some more tips as to how to be more ecologically efficient, don’t hesitate to check out our full Go Green Guide. Here at Liberis Finance we strive to offer the best in small business support whether that be our helpful tips and tricks, or our award-winning Business Cash Advance that can sustainably, flexibly fund your plans all year round!

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