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How To Get Your Business Involved in Veganuary

13 January 2020
4 minute read

Simon Jenner

It’s January 2020! New year, new decade, new you, and a whole load of new opportunities to make bank for your small business. And what better way to start the year than with a sustainable, healthy and ethically sound method of approach to sales and business etiquette. 
That’s right, folks, we’re talking Veganuary! A time of reflection, a time of perception and a time to really think about your business's impact on the environment.  
More a movement than a dietary fad, Veganism has truly flourished over the past 10 years, with worldwide interest increasing ​s​even fold in the five years between 2014 and 2019​ and ​demand for meat-free food in the UK alone increasing by 987% in 2017​! Furthermore, the country with the highest demand for vegan products is indeed yours truly, Great Britain, ​with the number of vegans rising to just over 1% of the population​. That’s a whole 600,000 potential consumers that actively refuse to buy animal-based and tested products! Not to mention the 22 million flexitarians that enjoy meat but intend to reduce their overall meat consumption​.  

A huge market, and a market which is only set to multiply in years to come, especially since, according to the organisers of Veganuary, ​“six in ten [of those] who take the “Veganuary pledge” say they plan to stay vegan”.  
That’s why this week we’re discussing how your business can make use of Veganuary, and how to invest yourself and stay atop a consumer trend which is already set to boom! 
Go Plant-based! 
Let’s set things off with an easy one. Going plant-based. 
Plant-based products are everywhere nowadays. So much so, that according to German media giant, Deutsche Welle, ​“in the UK alone, supermarket sales of plant-based substitutes for animal products — many of which claim to be low carbon — have grown 31% in the past two years”​.  
 Going plant-based means syphoning out which of your products uses animal-based material and whether or not it is tested on animals in its developmental stage. The easy way of defining whether this is indeed the case is by looking for the “Vegan” sign upon the products packaging or other cruelty-free signifiers such as the enclosed “V” symbol. This indicates that no animals were harmed, or their products used in the making of whatever produce it is.  
Moreover, plant-based can include all sorts of consumer goods. Whether you’re in health and beauty, foodstuffs or even the fashion industry, there ARE cruelty-free products out there and it’s up to you to make the move to find them. A simple google search will do the trick and once you have whatever you’re looking for, make it known by putting up in a Veganuary Sale for all to see! We commend you, and the world will reimburse you. 
This may come off as rather unvegan but to reduce your waste means to have less of an impact on animal habitats and the ecological world in general. By reducing your use of plastics and other, harmful, non-disposable products, you thereby reduce the likelihood of a poor creature becoming trapped in a plastic noose of your making, or its habitat becoming poisoned by the toxic residue of many consumer products.  
Sustainability is key to the future of our existence. And veganism, as well as waste reduction, come under that mantra. 
And finally, in order to fully make the most of Veganuary, for both the betterment of your sales and animal protection, let the people know of your altruistic actions. Not to boast or to pretend that by taking part in the movement you are any better than the next small business, but to raise awareness to the importance of such a movement - the mantra, the philosophy and the impact of Veganism and mindful consumption as a whole. 
Do this through as many avenues as you can. Social media and website updates are super-effective ways to convey this message and can bring myriad customers to your door just with a simple blog post and a couple of relevant hashtags. Put signs up around your store, put on educational talks in-store or even discounts for those who come in for the January sale and leave with vegan products! It’s all in the giving, the knowledge and the reduction of consumption that will subsequently lead to the betterment of your business both monetary-wise and ethically so. 
That’s it folks, some useful methods of getting involved in Veganuary! And remember, ​“if the world went vegan, it could save 8 million human lives by 2050, reduce greenhouse gas emissions by two thirds and lead to healthcare-related savings and avoided climate damages of $1.5 trillion”.  

That’s a lot of good for a little effort. 

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