Fresh Business Inspiration For Entrepreneurs

Business Inspiration

We’re now officially a month into the new year and 2019 looks to be a super advantageous time for companies large and small!

The potential is palpable just as long as you, the business owner, decides to get on your bike and ride that influx of prospective sales by inspiring yourself, your employees and your brand concurrently. Here’s three pieces of media to help flurry that encouragement along.


TED Talk: Malcom Gladwell

Starting out with a simple TED talk from one of the most well-regarded American public speakers of all time, Malcom Gladwell.

Here in his talk, Choice, Happiness and Spaghetti Sauce, Gladwell insists on the importance of variety in commerce, citing the revolutionary work of market researcher Howard Moskowitz who, while working for Prego (Campbell Soup), found that one third of Americans in the 1980s desired extra chunky spaghetti sauce over the staple plain and spicy flavours of the time. This may sound trivial but this particular revelation caused a chain event of a magnitude so large that Prego, over the next decade, made $600 million off their chunky spaghetti sauce lines alone! Heck, even Ragù hired Gladwell and proceeded to implement over 35 different spaghetti sauces in 6 varieties: Cheese, Light, Robusto, Rich and Hearty, Old World Traditional and of course, Extra-Chunky Garden.

So, there you have it - get creative and produce a whole bunch of differing versions of your products and/or services, after all, variety is the spice of life.


Blog: Richard Branson

Business Blog Inspiration

Billionaire business magnate, author, philanthropist (wow, this guy sounds like the real-life Tony Stark), Richard Branson, is the world-renowned owner of Virgin Group Ltd, with its hands in all things technology through space travel.

With over 400 companies under his belt, Branson has become a highly influential business mogul; starting his first venture at the young age of 16 and endorsing a multitude of humanitarian initiatives in his later years such his collaboration with Nelson Mandela on The Elders, and his recent efforts in the fight against climate change. Branson is a go-to mentor for all things business, and what’s more, he has his own personal blog as part of Virgin’s company website for all your entrepreneurial qualms and queries. Check it out.


Film: The Social Network

The Social Network

Now for something a little off-kilter, a movie . . . about the creator of Facebook. David Fincher’s Oscar darling The Social Network (2010), is the quintessential reference piece for any and all budding entrepreneurs.

Whether starting up a tech company or establishing your own fashion line, Fincher’s psychosocial portrait of Mark Zuckerberg’s rise to power and influence is a crash course in putting your ideas to the test no matter the consequences. The movie is thwart with hurdles that Zuckerberg may or may not have leaped (creative license is sure to ensue in the most major of major motion pictures) and each bolster the entrepreneurial spirit to which every business owner feels the heat of. It’s a great watch for anyone in the business of starting up a business, and is dramatically propelled by the mastery of Aaron Sorkin dialogue in his award-winning screenplay:

“You know, you really don't need a forensics team to get to the bottom of this. If you guys were the inventors of Facebook, you'd have invented Facebook.”

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