COVID-19: Business as (un)usual

COVID-19: Online Learning For Small Business Owners And Employees 

14 April 2020
5 minute read

Emma McCarthy

As many small businesses take their trade online and operate from the safety of their homes, you may find that you have additional time in your daily routine. Now could be a good time to upskill and further develop your knowledge on something you haven’t had the opportunity to before. We have put together an overview of several online learning platforms and the benefits they offer below to help you boost your business skills.  


Skillshare is an online community of video-based education. You can find the broadest and the most niche topics covered on this platform, with a big focus on creative industries including but not limited to; copywriting, graphic design, art, technology among many others. There is even a section dedicated to small business learning – from basic to more advanced marketing and how to enhance your customer service. Here, experts in their respective fields will share their knowledge and experience with you to give you the best all round understanding. 

Skillshare is currently offering 2 months free premium membership which gives you unlimited access and offline viewing abilities. After two months, there is a £13 monthly membership fee, or a £7 monthly cost, if you pay annually.  

Google Digital Garage  

The Google Digital Garage offers learning in three specific areas: digital marketing, data / tech and career development. Most of their courses are free and are constantly being updated to ensure you are learning the latest skills and gaining the most current knowledge in your preferred area.   

They also offer free training in the form of webinars on various topics such as social media strategies and building online brands. For a full list of upcoming webinars, visit here.  

 Open University  

The Open University is known for its innovative approach to teaching and during COVID-19 they are offering several free courses and upskilling opportunities for the general public. From Leadership challenges in turbulent times to Managing virtual project teams, there is a wide range of upskilling opportunities that can help business owners and their employees during this difficult time.  

For a full list of free courses available, visit here.  

Future Learn  

Future Learn is an online platform that offers online courses and programs created by leading universities, business schools and specialist organisations. With specific courses dedicated to the disruption COVID-19 has caused for businesses, such as Thrive in Trying Times to Business Fundamentals: Customer Engagement, there is a whole host of learning opportunities to give your business an additional boost during this time.  

For a full list of courses available, visit here.  

Along with online learning platforms, it is a good opportunity to research online and spend some time reading business blogs such as the Federation of Small Businesses and forums right now. And don’t forget, we also have a COVID-19 section on our blog, dedicated to helping businesses through COVID-19 with ideas, advice and inspiration. 

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COVID-19: Business as (un)usual

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COVID-19: Business as (un)usual

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COVID-19: Business as (un)usual

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