Five Ways to Enhance Customer Satisfaction

25 November 2019
4 minute read

Simon Jenner

Consumers nowadays have a multitude of avenues to take when deciding upon products or services to purchase. With the advent of the internet and the propagation of social media, it’s become easy for budding buyers to search, research and locate the best businesses to fulfill their needs. Making each and every sale a personalised experience for that particular customer.  
Satisfaction is key when introducing customers to your business, as well as incentivising retention and appeal. Think Jar contests that ​“13% of unsatisfied customers tell 15 or more people they’re unhappy with a particular product or service”​. A sphere of influence which, with the growth of online reviews, is only set to grow from here on out. 
That’s why this week we’re giving you five ways to enhance your customer’s satisfaction - discussing demand, customer experience/support, business evaluation and how best to measure these factors for future benefit. 
Customer Support 
 A tried, tested and true method of enhancing customer satisfaction is through the avenue of great customer support, in particular, the way in which your staff and systems interact with a potential buyer.  
Hire experts that truly understand the product/service your business provides, and train those that don’t. There’s no point putting a member of staff on the shop floor of an appliance store if they can’t work their way around a washing machine. Educate your staff with the skills necessary to sell your product, and establish a clear understanding that customers can rely on them to give sound advice about said product. Not simply salesman rhetoric. 
Additionally, make your systems easy to traverse. If the customer has an enquiry but can’t make the trip into store, make your online capabilities easy to use and encourage your customer call service staff to be empathetic and astute. 
A Frictionless Experience 
The next best thing to better enhance customer satisfaction, is by ensuring that the experience of said customer is as smooth as possible. 
If the customer is able to enjoy the experience of buying your wares, then they are much more likely to return to your business, not to mention expose their friends and family to the sleekness of service that you provide. 
Way back in 2014, NG Data spoke to Paula Tompkins, CEO of ChannelNet, who stated that Customer Lifecycle Management​ strategies​ will be crucial in creating unique customer experiences. Allowing businesses to follow consumers or clients through every interaction; to see areas that need improvement; and to view the experience through the eye of the customer. 
Measure Your Worth 
Measuring your metrics is a great way of seeing what works, what doesn’t and how customers perceive your business. 
Utilize Google reviews, Facebook reviews as a tool to get people into your store or on your website. Siphon the best reviews and display them for all to see while interacting with the more negative ones concurrently. Respond to those that found the service you provide sub-par and revel in the spread of social media - an easy-to-use tool that allows business-to-customer interaction with the click of a button... and a well-formed paragraph of under 280 characters. 
Anticipate Customer Demand 
Anticipation prevents descimation. Keep on top of your stock and foresee customer demand before running amiss and losing out on potential sales. Predict the coming demand and acquire surplus goods to satisfy the numbers. If in need, consider finding other suppliers that can help you meet your client’s needs. Thus, ensuring customer satisfaction, while building business-to-business relationships simultaneously. 
It’s simple, but effective. 
Finding Finance 
Keeping on top of your customer satisfaction can be irksome, and may possibly require business advice as well as additional funds to support any endeavours you deem worthy of your efforts.  
If this is indeed the case and you need some financial assistance following through with any of the aforementioned tips noted here. Don’t hesitate to contact us at Liberis Finance, where we offer tips and pointers to any and all budding entrepreneurs as well as ​a flexible Business Cash Advance​ that can sustainably fund your plans all year round. 

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