Liberis joins the UK Fintech Financial Crime Exchange (FFE)

02 October 2017
1 minute read

Emma Doyle

Liberis are delighted to announce that we have joined the UK FinTech Financial Crime Exchange (FFE)!

The FFE is an intra-industry partnership, founded earlier this year by the Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies (CFCS) at the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI); and Fintrail, and UK based financial crime risk management company.

The association works to promote an increased understanding of financial crime in the FinTech industry, by enabling firms to collaborate and share best practice on the subject. Through this, members of the FFE can improve how they protect their customers and strengthen the FinTech sector’s ability to detect and counter the global treat of financial crime – such as money laundering, terrorist financing, bribery, tax evasion, and market manipulation.

Liberis are proud to join the FFE, which now includes 30 participating members from across the UK FinTech industry. 

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