Easter Eggs for Small Businesses

Easter Eggs for Small Businesses

Spring is upon us, and businesses far and wide can be spotted implementing their Easter-themed offers and events to bolster upcoming footfall, sales and overall marketing technique.

These often oval shaped dreams can come in many forms from chocolate surprises to themed coupons, to the infamous media related Easter Egg, a seminal and contemporary version of the seasonal gift rendered popular in video games, movies and websites alike. This is the type of Easter Egg we will be discussing in today’s article! The one that sits under the radar but when found, can create a buzz unlike no other. Examples include the hidden TARDIS in Google Maps, or the secret Coca Cola logo on the company website (right-click, tap View Page Source and scroll).

Creative ways to promote your business, while having a little fun along the way. Let’s go.


A History of Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs have been around for thousands of years; from the pre-dynastic period of Egypt and the early cultures of Mesopotamia and Crete, eggs have forever been seen as a symbol of death and rebirth. Yet, the media centric Easter egg in question is usually traced back to the 1979-80 video game Adventure, for the Atari 2600, where a hidden room containing the developer’s name could be found. All the player has to do is carry a seemingly innocuous grey dot along the east end of the corridor below the yellow castle with a couple other objects and voila! The player is able to push through the wall and find the name, Warren Robinett, in all its hidden glory.

Although initially a revolt against the tyrannical oppression of a certain video game publisher (whose name will not be mentioned), this hidden detail spurred on the creation of Easter Eggs for all kinds of media across the globe, and for good reason too . . . all consumers love a good Easter egg hunt.


Let The Hunt Begin!

Seasonal Planning

Taking on the Easter Egg trend doesn’t have to be as extravagant as say, the Hema chain reaction product toppling Easter Egg, but can be as lowkey as inputting a subtle marketing ploy for customers to find and enjoy.

How about hiding a secret link to a section of your website otherwise unseen by the general customer à la Amazon’s hidden thank you note to former employee, David Risher, from nonother than CEO and founder, Jeff Bezos himself (hidden directly below the copyright date on the directory of all stores page)? Just make it a link to an exclusive coupon code and boom, that’s a fancy way to keep your customers on their toes while encouraging potential sales.


Getting Social with Easter Eggs

Easter Events

Another way is to use your social media platforms to announce that the hunt is on. Post hints to a secret hidden within the stratosphere of your company website and / or in store and all customers can get involved trying find it, bringing in an influx of footfall and the potential of impulse buyers. Not to mention the fact that excited customers will jump at the prospect of sharing the announcement with their friends and family - especially if it’s a prize for the first 100 to find said Easter Egg for example. The competition will make the hunt palpable and, dependent on how complex or unusual the Easter Egg is, it could even go viral. Meaning footfall, sales, and profit to boot!


There are plenty of ways to induce some Easter Egg hunting fun for your small business this year (or any year for that matter), and mimicking any of these is a perfectly suitable way to go about it. But the best and most standout examples are those that are original and/or relevant to your business. So, get your thinking caps on!

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