Get To Know Liberis: Culture and Growth in the Fintech Industry



With an increasing amount of investment and technological development, the fintech industry is growing more than ever, the story is the same here at Liberis.

A large part of our way of handling this growth and maintaining success has been to focus on nurturing our company culture, and encouraging the development of a supportive working environment.


This starts at the very beginning, in our recruitment process, and is taken into consideration with every individual that joins us. After all, you can teach a person the skills for a job, but it’s the individual that must take responsibility for how these skills are used and their interaction style.

We work hard to find the right attitudes and personalities that will not only work well together, but encourage growth in one another too.

The Liberis team comprises people from all walks of life. We’re always enabling new ways to ensure that all of them have the means to make their working life right for them. Whether this is by adjusting their office hours, encouraging personal development, or providing any necessary additional resources they may need.

We’ve been able to foster a team that runs with the same agility that we see growing our business, and expanding our industry, more and more each day. They know how to fail fast, learn quickly, and, most importantly, how to continue to move forward both in their personal development and in the growth of the company.

It is these people that make us successful, both as a fintech company and as a group of individuals working together.


This ethos is captured perfectly in our company values, which permeate the whole of the business, in everything that we do:

  • We do funding differently – We’re on a mission to be different, with a real commitment to delighting our customers.
  • We do funding right – Our product is born out of a sound moral compass. No penalty charges, late fees or fixed monthly payments. We are transparent and honest in everything we do.
  • We do funding well – The Liberis cash advance is a fantastic product made for small businesses, as you only pay us back when your customers pay you.
  • And we love what we do – We take pride in going above and beyond for our customers.

We put a lot of work into defining our values, and it was work that came together collaboratively from the whole company after asking each department about what is important to them, and what do they want from the company they want to work for.

It was quite a journey until we shaped all the feedback into a cohesive blend of everyone’s thoughts and then validated them with the team. But because of this, the whole company feels representative and we could be certain that these values were an honest assessment of our beliefs.

We’ve continued to think about our values by visualising them throughout our offices, and using them as a guide for behaviours that we actively encourage and praise; for instance, in defining our Employee of the Month. We use them to positively influence us as we continue to grow.

The Liberis Business Cash Advance - Designed to help SMEs
  • Funding from £2.5k to £300k
  • One fixed cost; no APR, varying terms or penalty fees
  • A quick, easy and no hassle onboarding process
  • Higher approval rates than the banks
  • Flexible and painless repayments that support cash flow
  • 80% of customers use us again
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The Association of Alternative Business Finance
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Registered in England and Wales No: 5654231. Address: Third Floor, Glen House, Glenthorne Road, London, W6 0NG
Liberis is a responsible financial provider. Liberis does not offer 'short-term loans'. The minimum expected duration of a Business Cash Advance is 120 days / 4 months and typical expected durations are 6-12 months. These business financing products are not consumer loans.