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How to Win With Visual Displays in Your Convenience Store

26 March 2018
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When customers visit your convenience store, they want it to be just that - convenient. A lot of this lies in your visual display and store layout. As a business owner, you’ll often face challenges such as working with a small amount of space and trying to manage the amount of stock you buy in and sell. Along with competing with larger supermarket chains, you’ll want to make sure that you’re providing a better all-round experience for your customers.

One of the main things to remember is that customers will likely be popping into your store on their way to and from places, and will nearly always be on the go. This means that they’ll want to find everything they need and as quickly as possible.

With this in mind, we’ve put together some visual display tips to help your customers get the best experience from your convenience store:

Make Use of Space

The first thing to think about is how you’re going to make use of the space you have. Using a straight floor plan, that stacks products up and along the walls and aisles, can help you get lots of products onto your shelves without looking messy and disorganised.

This will also help customers to move quickly through the aisles while scanning a large range of products. You should also try to avoid stacking products too high up otherwise they may not be able to reach the items they’re looking for.

Go Fresh

There’s good reason why many convenience stores display their fresh fruit and vegetables outside: having fresh produce can entice customers and is a great way of injecting some colour into your front display. Make sure your fruit and vegetables are fresh, aren’t wilted or bruised, and look appealing.

You could also display these in some nice wooden crates and add signs that say where the fruit and vegetables come from - customers always like it when they know they’re getting local produce! If you sell flowers or plants, you could think about displaying these outside to bring some additional vibrancy to your store entrance.

Arrange Your Shelves

Where you place your products is also important when it comes to visually targeting your customers. If you think about your shelves, products that fall at eye-level are going to be the most important. These are normally bestselling items, prime products, competitive products or items with the highest markup. More expensive and gourmet products should be stacked higher up, as psychologically these will be associated with exclusive and speciality items. And finally essential items and products that customers always seem to actively seek out should be placed on the bottom shelf.

You should also think about the way that you group products together. Aside from all the obvious categories, you could also dedicate a section to health foods or gluten-free products or think about putting together seasonal displays for holidays such as Easter, Halloween or Christmas.

And finally, don’t forget about those all important impulse purchases. Strategically placing things like chocolate bars, snacks and magazines by the till can really make the most of the those last few seconds before your customer makes their purchase.

Promote Products

Promotional items still play a big role when it comes to your visual displays. As well as having these items in their own aisle, you should also separate these out by putting them on your end aisles or on a stand. Keeping a dedicated stand or aisle end for promotional products also means that regular customers will consciously check back to see if they can get themselves a good deal in the future. Pricing and details of the offer should always be stated really clearly so there is no confusion or feelings of being mislead once your customer gets to the till.

Another good tip is to get some frames and display posters outside your shop advertising all your latest offers and promotions. This could draw in new customers who are walking by and happen to see your posters. Once they’re inside, they may find other products they like and will remember your store for repeat visits!

Observe and Adapt

As part of the ongoing process, it’s worth carefully observing behavioural trends from your customers. Whether they repeatedly struggle to find certain items, or always fail to notice your promotions aisle, take this on board and try to adapt according to their actions. You should also observe their typical journey around your store to see what seems to catch their eye and where they stop to browse.


Based on this, you can start making tweaks and changes to your visual displays and continue to give your customers exactly what they want! If you're looking for some additional funds to support your display updates, check out Liberis' Business Cash Advance for a simple, flexible solution to boosting your business!

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