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3 Ways To Boost Your Convenience Store: On-The-Go Sales, New Services and More

14 September 2018
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Alex Woods

As all convenience store owners will know, business is all about finding those hidden opportunities. Whilst you may be giving your customers what they want in terms of the goods that you offer, there are also ways that you can go that extra mile and boost your offering even further.

This will not only attract new customers but also help to retain those all important loyal customers who will remember your business time and time again! So whether you feel stuck in a rut or need to find a way to maximise sales, here are a few tips on how you can boost your offering:

Make The Most of ‘On-The-Go’ Sales

On The Go Sales

According to studies, a quarter of convenience store shoppers are looking to pick up food to eat on-the-go. This creates a great opportunity for store owners to ramp up their efforts when it comes to ‘on the go’ purchases and think about what their customers need in that moment.

One example of this is customers popping into convenience stores to grab a simple lunch including items such as sandwiches, packets of crisps, chocolate bars, individually wrapped snacks and soft drinks. It’s also worth noting that consumers are becoming a lot more health conscious so try and incorporate more choice into the sandwiches you offer such as vegetarian and gluten free options. You could also consider stocking things like salad pots, healthy fruit bars and packets of nuts. These should all be placed together and ideally near the front of the store with easy access to the tills so that customers can grab their items and go. Make sure you clearly mark this area too - and you could even consider offering a ‘meal deal’ where shoppers are able to choose a sandwich, snack and soft drink for a fixed price.

Expand Your Services


Customers will often seek services on their lunch breaks or on their way home from work. As they will likely be short of time, they will be looking for speed, convenience and ease. That’s why it could be worth considering opening a post office on your premises. With many post offices having closed down in recent years, a gap has opened for convenience stores to incorporate this model into their business. A big advantage of this is offering post office services at convenience store trading hours so that customers can pop in over the weekend and in the evenings. Getting them onto your premises on this basis will also encourage them to buy other items in-store giving you a brand new customer at the same time! You can click here to find out how to open a post office in your store.

Similarly, you could offer a parcel collect and drop off service providing more convenience for customers who aren’t able to take parcels at home during the day. However, just make sure you have capacity for this service in terms of staffing as holidays such as Christmas and New Year can prove extremely busy! For more information on how to offer this service you can click here.

Another idea to consider is providing a cashpoint in your convenience store. While card payments have really taken off in the last few years, there are still over 2 million people who are reliant on cash! Find out how you can cater to this here by installing a cash point in your store.

Go Fresh


Offering more fresh produce such as fruit and vegetables is a great way to entice customers, especially those that are more health conscious. More and more consumers are looking to pick up healthy snacks and also healthy ingredients to make meals with. Items such as salad, fresh herbs and locally grown fruit and vegetables will really add to that appeal. Don’t be afraid to be vocal about where your produce comes from as locally sourced foods have become very popular with consumers today. This could be because customers like to know where their food has come from, like the idea of groceries being fresh, and are mindful about keeping trade in the local community. You could also target those that are environmentally friendly by having a zero plastic policy - instead let customers pack their fruit and vegetables up in paper and reusable bags.

You should also think about turning this into an opportunity to have some fun setting up colourful displays of fruit and vegetables outside your store - you could even start selling fresh flowers to really make your shop front pop!

So now you have a few ideas, why not have a go at seeing what you can offer your customers! And if you’re looking for any additional support whilst developing your offering, check out Liberis’ Business Cash Advance - for a simple, flexible solution to business funding.

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