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Christmas Markets and Pop-ups for your Business

11 November 2019
3 minute read

Simon Jenner

November has come and with it, the run up to Christmas. As the year's most profitable and downright, competitive calendar event, it's a great time for SMEs to create festive pop-up stalls in order to benefit from the season's surplus customers and sales opportunities.

Whatever the sector, all pop-ups require time, attention and a certain amount of finance. So, take into consideration the product, the needs of sale, and the marketing strategy before putting all your eggs into one basket... Unless of course, you have surplus eggs, in which case, you're looking at the wrong holiday.

But I digress. We're here to talk about pop-ups and how best to market your business, your goods and your company ethics around the festive season. So, read on to find some tips, some tricks and some strategies to help aid your decisions for the upcoming Christmas markets.

Take Stock
Before even considering the prospect of a Christmas-themed pop-up store, as a budding SME, you should probably test whether your goods will sell.

Set a specific trial period for your enterprise's pop-up stall to see how much stock you can move before committing wholeheartedly to the Yuletide event. That way, you can project the volume of goods to purchase ahead of the game, prevent overbuying and avoid an imbalanced cash flow between you and your supplier concurrently. 

Negotiation is key when handling high numbers of seasonal-focussed stock and it's always beneficial to have a good relationship with your supplier beforehand.

Location, Location, Location
Choosing the best location is vital when ascertaining where and when to set up your festive stall. Whether positioned slap-bang in the middle of a shopping centre, or at an outside Christmas market, choosing the busier locations will indefinitely put a pricier weight on your festive endeavour. Don't fret, however, as popping-up in a more expensive and active location will usually result in a higher footfall for your stall. Therefore, excusing any pricey outgoings with a more likely return on investment.

Word of Mouth (or the Importance of Digital Marketing)
While being on top of your stock and in line with your location, the most significant factor in Christmas markets and pop-up stalls for your business, is through exposure.
Whether through organic and/or paid social media traffic, get your business on the map by delivering themed news regarding you, your deals and your plans to open up a special pop-up store. Use tools such as Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and Facebook to get your name out there and notions known. Hashtags are key to jumping on social trends, and tracking your audience through software like Google Analytics or otherwise is a great way of deciphering what marketing methods work, where your traffic is coming from and how best to achieve better results in the future. It's a win win, and a no brainer for those looking to set up pop-ups of the festive nature.

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