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How Chatbots Can Help Your Business Handle Increased Customer Demand During The COVID-19 Outbreak

11 May 2020
3 minute read

Emma McCarthy

As a result of COVID-19, your business may be facing increased customer demand, particularly if you offer a product/service online. Businesses who are looking for ways to improve their online offering to meet this demand may look towards including a chatbot on their website. This is a type of software that is set up to act as a virtual assistant across websites, applications and social channels. 

24/7 availability 

Customers can shop online outside of business hours so it’s important that they also have a way accessing customer support from your business outside of normal business hours too. As chatbots have the ability to operate continuously, customers are guaranteed instant answers to the questions they have. If customers know that they can get assistance whenever they need it, they will be more willing to return! 
Deliver a more personalised service 

Technology is constantly evolving, and with that chatbots are improving at offering a more personalised service to customers. Having the ability to remember customer preferences and previous purchases will make the overall experience a lot more relevant to each customer who engages. They are also able to communicate with the customer using first names, so although the customer is not talking to a real person, the customer data that the chatbot uses to tailor the experience makes up for this. 
Deliver a more efficient service 

For queries, chatbots use processes to analyse customers’ questions and deliver accurate responses that meet the customers’ needs, in a matter of seconds. This is especially important as research has shown that after logging a query, customers expect a response between 0-4 hours but in reality tend to get a response after 10 hours. 

There is a wide range of support available online to guide you through the chatbot implementation process. From Hubspot specific platforms, to websites that use external applications.  

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